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SC, VF and NT Commander Applications!

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Vaders Fist, Storm Commandos and Nova Troopers are currently empty, and we are looking for new potential commanders to fill their positions!

If you want to apply, head to this LINK HERE


Please follow all instructions at the start of the form and answer ALL questions to the best of your ability!

Remember, how you respond to each question is a direct extension of character and personality and is how we gauge if you are suitable or not for the position.


On Saturday, 6:00 PM AEST, I will hold a meeting with the most eligible few to come to the final decision of who shall receive these positions.


Remember. Commanding a regiment is a responsibility you will be expected to uphold.

Good luck!

~ Major General Hornet

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12 hours ago, ISBRommel said:

I want to apply, i do. But I'm not gonna dog the boiz. (Translation: I am not going to ditch my ISB mates)

You even considered joining.  Stay at your terminal, real ISB agents have been dispatched to take you into custody.

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@addamcor I applied, I don't think I can make it within the time set. So, can I get like a private interview at like, 9:45 PM? Or even this sunday at like, 4 PM? (I'll contact you if it finishes earlier than that)

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