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These is what I call decent events. I made these within an hour, using lore and logic. Please to those who apply for EM look at this to gain ideas how to structure your event app.


Admiral Thrawn/Krennic has announced that he has created plans for a new weapon that would deactivate Rebel fleet shields called the Red Beacon. Agent Kallus/Fulcrum inform the rebels of the new plans. The Rebels invade the Imperial base, aware this is a suicide mission. A Corellian Corvette hyperspace into Imperial land. Rebels are then fight against the Imperial Soldiers. All Rebels are killed except for a squad. A suicide squadron of elite rebels called  the “Covert Vest” are tasked to erase all data of the Red Beacon. Covert Vest kill and take Death Troopers armour as they go on patrol to the Corellian Corvette. The Covert Vest march towards C-Block and towards Thrawn's office. Director Krennic notices Death Troopers disobeying Krennic’s orders, leading to the alert an infiltration. The Covert Vest manage to erase all data, but without a ship to transport them back, they await for their fate. The Covert Vest hold their ground in Thrawn's office, where they either be killed in the office or arrested(Elite Rebels don’t surrender).

- This event is a basic event

- I used Rebel Lore

- This is a whole server event

Event 2

The Navy informs the base that there has been a successful mission on Geonosis. All Geonosians had been killed(As they believe). The squad of 442nd troopers return from the task of eradicating all Geonosians, where they would be commended and rewarded. The Imperial Army gathers around the landing pads, awaiting for the arrival of the 442nd troopers. The 442nd troopers arrive, they are rewarded and commended and everyone goes to their usual thing. The 442nd squad start coughing, becoming irrational and distant. The 442nd squad turn on the Imperial army, managing to kill several troopers. People report in that they’ve bitten the dead troopers(ragdolls). The squad of 442nd are killed. A debrief is held in confusion why the 442nd had attacked the Imperial army.

“We do not know why they have attacked us, nor do we know why they bit the corpses, but we need to quarantine this base from any contact with Geonosis”

The corpses disappear during debrief.  A few minutes later, a herd of creatures attack the base from the deadlands. The Imperials are informed to not let a single creature reach the walls, nor get in contact with it. Anyone that jumps over the wall would be shot dead. All aliens are killed before they could reach the walls. Imperials bring back the creatures corpses, where they would be examined. The medical troopers discover that the creatures had died hours ago, before the attack. The medical troopers find human features on the corpses. The corpses are found to be dead troopers, infected with Geonosian blood. The troopers corpses managed to crawl out of the base. The dead troopers had mutated with Geonosian blood, transforming them into deformative creature. The only cure to the disease is that you kill them when they transform.

- This event has a plot twist, have this in your events and thats a FUCKEN GOOD WORK FROM ME

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