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Custom IG Lego Figures

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Hello all, I have made some custom Lego figures of people I have seen around the server.


Brigadier Volt (For those who remember)





Lincol (Pre Krennic)IMG_6607.thumb.JPG.006cbe9f9c0ec235ee78a66fff24a616.JPG

lincoln (Post Krennic)




Kamilion (Scar experimental Armour)IMG_6610.thumb.JPG.768d27feb7199d3b3e34cefb9e6e5013.JPG

Blitz (Icie)IMG_6611.thumb.JPG.d919867cf173c4006d0d7b307808ba83.JPG


General RhomdiIMG_6613.thumb.JPG.49deb231ec348196596ceb6704672156.JPG 


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Just now, ISBRommel said:

I can try

Thanks man! Also, I could draw people if you want. I'm still trying to draw armor plates though so be advised it's not gonna look that great.

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On 5/6/2018 at 4:16 PM, Rommel said:

Kamilion (Scar experimental Armour)

Very nice, berry nice


Yehhhh NO (Spelling errors)

CORRECTION:  Kamelieon

CORRECTION:  SCAR should also be in capitals because SCAR is an abbreviation for Special Commando Avvanced Recon

Edited by EpicEzale
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