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Bigg Smonks: Ban Appeal Take 2

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Steam Name: As Seen On TV Speedy John

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:33727238

In game name and rank: Brainlett (aka Bigg Smonkk Reverend Lovejoy, Chad Chadigan, Stacy, BuzzLittYeah, Speedy John);   ST private - ST private first class (numerous times, it was a long and turbulent career)

How long was the ban: Permanent 

Staff who banned you: Darth Vader: STEAM_0:0:88826514 (Cody I think)

When was the ban: 11/25/17 21:38:11

Reason for ban: "No"

Explain the situation: I was perma-banned for accumulated warns over the course of over a years and not a specific event. 

Why you deserve to be unbanned: I have been requested to make a new appeal by  anonymous admirers who miss me on the server and have reapplied well after the suggested 3 week waiting period since my last request. I think I have something to contribute to this community and want to usher in a new glorious era. 


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NEUTRAL  I believe that you should be given a second chance as this ban was almost 6 months ago. But Neutral for now.

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Sorry for the delay I didn't think to check back.

I cant be sure, they were many and varied, acquired over a very long  career as the longest serving ST private (a very prestigious post I'm sure you know) . General instances of rabble rousing and lollygagging with some prison breaks and holocron heists interspersed.  But as I played fairly regularly I might occasionally acquire a warn which built up over time.

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Hi @BiggSmonkk,

Congratulations you have now been unbanned but, you will be on a good behaviour period for minimum 2 months. If you are found breaking any rules you will be asked to attend a meeting with the Management Team and explain why the ban should not be reinstated or your period extended. 

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