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Server Change Log - 04/05/2018

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  • All new Job Code is on the server

  • ISB will move to Debrief, Sith Temple to ISB,  Government to MHC and IHC to Sith Temple.

  • Permaprops will be rebuilt to allow for a fresh feel.

  • All Server time has had to be reset for the changes to work.

  • Performance Upgrades to Game Mode

  • New Pilot License matrix added


  • New Night Vision Binoculars added

  • New ID10 Droid added

  • New 3D2D Text tool added

  • New Scoreboard

  • New F2 Menu

  • Working Clearance System

  • New Regiments added

  • Swap functionality for Medical Troopers

  • Swap functionality for Generals


  • Regiments decided as per the previous changelog

Changes coming soon: 

  • New Commanding Officers Handbook

  • New Bounty Hunters Handbook

  • More Content being removed

  • Swap functionality for Storm Troopers to allow them to wear Snow Trooper outfits

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8 minutes ago, Wolf said:

Pssst you forgot to add to changes coming soon "Quest system and super secret pointshop ;) " ahahah


psst remember when i wrote a quest for that and you guys called it shit ;c

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