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Peacock was an engineer that worked in the imperial navy on the SD vanquisher, He was a part of the advanced weapons research division, Peacock was a loyal and skilled fighter that would literally catch a grenade for his higher ups, and this is the start of the death log.


Peacock was currently on a nearby SD and was called to the bridge for a check on the consoles when navy detected a rebel Y-Wing in the area, Peacock out of the corner of his eye spotted a bomb coming straight for the bridge, he rushed all the navy personnel out of the bridge but when he went to grab important data the bomb hit the bridge sucking Peacock into space. Only his damaged helmet was found, some romours are heard about him being seen on the SD Vanquisher.

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When he openly states that he was in AWRT.


(sorry didn’t realise he actually was)

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15 hours ago, Stevo. said:

I’m surprised nobody has made a joke about him getting his feather tail broke... you know... because his name is Peacock ?

I think what he should be doing is shaking his tail feather


EDIT: People were getting confused about my comment, its a song guys :(  ( Skip to 0:40 )



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