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Your idols in life

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Tosin Abasi or Paul Waggoner

(Are you guys seriously looking up to Trump or is this a meme I don't get? Don't wanna make things political, but you DO know he's a massive idiot as well as a colossal dick, right?)

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Andrei Tarvovsky and Viktor Tsoi are two idols i've especially catered to - AKA See my Steam Profile pic for Viktor the beautiful korean/russian rockstar

Andrei Tarvovsky is one of the very few people who is able to make true art out of cinema and puts a deep understanding of philosophy in everything he makes


Eric Andre aswell 8)

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I know this post is old but I just found it and want to put my Idol up on here.

@Whitey A very hard working person and well known person of our community, ever since I joined this server back in 2k17 I heard a very wise voice and I saw it was Grand Moff Tarkin a very fitting role for @Whitey as his RP is very in depth and fun at the same time. The real reason @Whitey why you are my role model is that you have inspired me to try and become less of a minge/rude member of this community and I wish that one day my work pays off and I get too be known as Crunchy all across the server just like you. :)

But sadly you changed roles to Galen Erso but still doesn't change my opinion on you.

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