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New Rules (request)

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Imperial Gaming | Imperial RP | Rules and Guidelines

By joining the server you agree that you will abide by these rules or else punishments will be dealt with accordingly

General Rules

  1. Do not kill someone without a proper RP reason (RDM)
  2. Don’t attempt to abuse exploits or cause harm to the server.
  3. Don’t intend to harass or annoy fellow players. This may include being racist or using derogatory language.
  4. The staff team has more authority than you. Do not argue, harass, or annoy them.
  5. Do not use an inappropriate RP name. (Example: Mike Hunt)
  6. Do not spam both chat and your microphone.
  7. When you die or commit suicide you forget everything, therefore, you cannot return to the location of your death for 5 minutes. (NLR)
  8. Killing yourself is considered FailRP (punishments will be received)
  9. Do not prop minge. This may include prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge, push, trap or spam.
  10. Don’t ban evade. (Going on an alternate account to evading a ban, and/or changing your rp name)
  11. Do not interfere with admin sits or admins who are on duty.
  12. If you request a staff member make sure you state what you want or who he or she needs to bring.
  13. It is NOT in the MOTD is NOT a valid argument/excuse.
  14. Do not advertise another server.

Regiment Rules

  1. Do not abuse your rank/regiment, stay in rp at all times!
  2. Trying to try out for another regiment will get you demoted to Shiny PVT (if failed tryouts) depending on your higher up’s choice.
  3. If you are a trooper, salute to your higher ups, Krennic, Sith+, and all Captains+
  4. If you are a force sensitive, you bow to your higher ups, and Sith+
  5. ou are unable to use a duel saber unless your Regiment supports it. (e.g. In Zakuul Knights, the top two ranks (captain, commander) are only able to use a double blade. Refer to your higher-ups for more information.)
  6. Use the Saber hilt you are supposed to be using, do not abuse your hilt selection (e.g. Only allowed a standard saber but you make a Double Saber)
  7. Do not have your weapons out randomly on the Star Destroyer. Only have weapons out if Defcon 4-1 is in effect, or if needed for an RP reason. (e.g. someone is attacking you.)
  8. If you are granted a Lightsaber, do not abuse the force powers that come with it! Some regiments limit these to what rank you are.
  9. You must be in your regiment for at least 2 days before changing to another regiment.


  1. Defcon 1) Abandon Ship
  2. Defcon 2) Lockdown
  3. Defcon 3) High Alert
  4. Defcon 4) Alert (Weapons out)
  5. Defcon 5) Standard protocol (guns away)

Rules Definitions:

RDM ( Random Deathmatch)
1) Killing without any valid RP reason.
2) You may always defend yourself if you are being attacked.
3) Do not complete hits, kill, or arrest players in spawn unless they have already left the spawn area
4) Do not complete hits, kill, or arrest players with building signs unless they have left their area or are engaging in RP.

New Life Rule (NLR)
1) Once you die, you forget everything that happened to you in your past life.
2) You may not return to the area where you died until you wait the 5 minute NLR Area cooldown time.
3) Your NLR is not limited to the size of your NLR circle. If you return to the area where you died and continue to influence the ongoing RP, you are breaking NLR.

1) Using information that your RP character does not know.
2) Acting upon visual effects or sounds that can be seen/heard through a wall that you wouldn't normally see or hear.
4) Using out-of-character (OOC) information in-character.

OOC - Out Of Character
IC - In Character
RDM - Random Deathmatch
NLR - New Life Rule
RDA - Random Arrest
Meta - Meta gaming
RP - Role-Play
IRL/RL - In Real Life/Real Life


( If I have missed anything or gotten something wrong, feel free to tell me! )

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