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Steam Name:CORPSEY

Steam ID: not sure sorry 

In game name and rank: corpsey rank 29

How long was the ban: 2 weeks 

Staff who banned you: Frank 

When was the ban: theres 5 days left on the band but im not sure what the ac tel ban day was 

Reason for ban: mass rdm and no intent to roleplay 

Explain the situation: i hade bean on the server for about 5 hours strait doing rp and when i got off i thort id go out with a bang huge mistake i got a 2 week ban for killing 3 players lol  i dident think id get a 2 week ban for it pleas unban ive never rdm on this server before 

Why you deserve to be unbanned: im a regaler player on this sever ive got 3days total play time on the sever and love the role play ive missed it for the past week and a half i just wonna do more role play thanks CORPSEY 

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7 minutes ago, Mythical said:


I Believe If You Really Wanted To Have The Ban Removed You Could Have At Least Checked For Your Grammer , Espically Your Steam ID , without it they wouldn't even be able to unban you.

For Now Im Giving A -1 , If you fix the errors i've stated above i will consider changing my decision

Ban appeals are for staff only.



Goto your steam profile page, copy the link and search steamid finder on google.  You should be able to figure out the rest from there.



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