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Keta's PAC3 Tier 2 Application

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In game name - Deimos


Steam ID/link - STEAM_0:1:56522184


Play Time - 7W 2D 11HR



1. What have you created with PAC 3 since receiving Tier 1? (Include Pictures of your best PAC)

My first major project with PAC3 began as a member of Navy. The idea around the Navy and ISB being based on the Nazi uniforms of WW2 was a large inspiration for my Navy Pacs.

The Trenchcoat has greatly improved since I wore it the first day of receiving PAC3. After rising through the ranks of Navy, I aged my character appropriately, replacing the common navy head with an older mans. In turn, changing the ranks on his breast, the colour of his coat and adding my first holster.

After leaving the Navy, I moved on as a Nova Trooper Commander. Taking inspiration from other peoples PACs at the time, I pulled the Imperial Commando shoulder plate and replaced my own. I ported my ranks PAC over to the Nova Trooper and placed it on top of a new breastplate. The new breastplate was made from the Shore Trooper model, the two scar tears were taken from the Shadow Trooper model and the visor was taken from the Scout Trooper.

As the Shadow Guard Master Instructor, I recreated some concept art about the Royal and Shadow Guards. Where the front half of their robes are slung over their shoulder.



These sets of images are from before pointshop broke. The E-11 holster was released but the DH17 was soon to come. Credit to Sentry who perfected the event for pulling out a weapon.



These are the multiple colours for the shoulder plates I created for my Nova Trooper PAC. Once bugs are fixed they were to be released on Pointshop.



These sets of Images were created from the Snow Trooper chestplate, alongside a lot of trial and error. The Straps on the back were made from the Navy and ISB playermodel itself, sized up and clipped.



2. How have you improved the Roleplay for other members of the community whilst using PAC 3? (Provide Examples)

Comments I've received on my Trench coat were all positive. Most referred to the fact that I looked like a Nazi Officer, which was somewhat intentional. I created roleplay as a nasty leader with my PAC, leading events as Cato Loran and Gilad Pellaeon. These characters wouldn't have had as much depth if they were not created with PAC.

I have made multiple contributions to the Pointshop, with the chestplates for Navy, the Holsters and there were many more to come. I gave the Navy Members a reason to go out into battle, without the need of having PAC.


3. What has been improved from the implementation of PAC 3? (Personal Experience)

From my experience, PAC3 can give a character personality. It can differentiate a trooper with experience, from a trooper without any. For example, Brigadier Hornet would look the same as his many Storm Troopers, without the use of PAC3.

It describes your character without the use of words and can help increase the immersion factor during RP.

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1 hour ago, Department said:

Huge +1.

The PACs you have created are so intricate I almost can't believe you only have Tier 1. I'll be looking forward to your new creations.


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Keta has served in this community, and has benefited this community GREATLY

He's very trustworthy and is willing to help out others

He understands and is willing to use PAC to improve RP for himself and those around

And he's just a great guy in general


I believe he ABSOLUTELY Deserves this

Good luck


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