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Multiple Binds

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Anyone figured out how to get multiple, bind key "pac_event" binds?

Only work around Ive found is setting the event to happen when you have a certain weapon out, like the keycard or climbswep.

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Do you mean have several different keys bound for a pac event or are you talking about having multiple pac events on the same key.

to bind a key you need the event in PAC and the bind. The bind for the event for lets say battle suit would be as follows.


bind [key] "pac_event battlesuit 2"

command find simple "battlesuit @@0"


If you wanted to have multiple buttons for the same event, you'd have to clone it and change the name slightly, and rebind it such as:

bind [key+1] "pac_event battlesuit1 2"

command find simple "battlesuit1 @@0"


If you wanted to bind several pacs to one button either make them all under the one mega event or by binding it as follows.

bind [key] "pac_event battlesuit 2; pac_event battlesuit1 2".


Sorry if that is confusing at all or if that is not what you are looking for. If you have any other questions I will be on later tonight.


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Thats interesting but no.

Not sure if im doing something wrong, but i cant have more than one bind with pac. 

For example, bind n "pac_event weapon1 2" 

And, bind m "pac_event weapon2 2"

Those two wouldnt work together, usually the second bind overwrites the first and both "n and m" play the same pac.

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I decided to wander on over here and see what was going on with this

[I don't even know if this is still relevant or not]

But i have never experienced this problem. I've been able to create multiple PAC binds perfectly fine.


I would suggest [Although unlikely] that your PAC names are too similar. Try making them completely different such as

Primary_weapon or Primwep


Secondary_gun or Secgun


Thats my suggestion

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Simple @Keta multiple pac events can be run at the same time much in the same way you would bind multiple console commands to the same key

use semicolons ( ; ) to separate your commands within the quotes

bind <KEY> "pac_event 1stpacname 2; pac_event 2ndpacname 2"

However you could probably save time by pulling the pacs under the same event or name both event commands to the same name

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i have found that my pac events trigger at the same time the easiest fix for this i found was changing it from find simple to equal then all my pacs only activate on there keys maybe this is similar to your problem let me know if this helps 

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