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Common Bind Keys

Salute Bind

bind (key) " say /me salutes with respect ; act salute"

ID Bind

bind (key) " say /me Presents ID | Name: (Name) | Regiment : (Regiment) | Rank : (Rank) | CL: (cl level)"

Bow Bind

bind (key) " say /me Bows With Respect ; act bow"

Stripping Of Comms And Weapons

bind (key) " say /me Strips Weapons And Comms"

Stripping Of Only Weapons / Comms

bind (key) " say /me Strips Weapons/Comms

Halt/Guarding Binds

bind (key) " say Halt ! Show Of ID Please And Reason For Entering ; act halt"

Move Along/Guarding Bind

bind (key) " say /me Motions To Move Along ; act forward"

Group Up Bind

bind (key) " say Group Up On Me ; act group"

Sith ID Bind

Prophets / Inquisitors

bind (key) " say /me Shows Lightsaber | Name: (Name) | Regiment : (Regiment) | Rank : (Rank) | CL: (cl level)"


bind (key) " say /me Shows Pike | Name: REDACTED | Regiment : (Regiment) | Rank : (Rank) | CL: (cl level)"



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