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Server Changelog 31/03/2018

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  • AT-AT Has been officially updated on our server, the new model now has two types of firing modes, the Left click is now Plasma Rockets and Right click is normal cannons. I have given a link for those who have trouble updating or are not already subscribed. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1279938848
  • AT-ST has not been changed however when a new update is uploaded onto the workshop I will update it straight away. 



  • I have added a new map to the server as well, at the request of Whitey I have uploaded and slightly placed some props on the map RP_ZCOLONY. A massive dessert map with 3 Bases, 1 Huge crash site, 1 small crash site, Third ship, 2 caves and some other features. I have given a link for those who have trouble downloading from fastdl or just rather use workshop download. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1332755086&searchtext=
  • Some jobs models have been currently changed however only 2-3 jobs.



  • Currently, no addons have been removed however in the coming week we will be removing some addons however we will add the steam links to the addons/content we remove so you are able to unsubscribe from unused addons to keep your Garry's Mod clean as possible from useless/unused addons which can slow down your Garry's Mod startup and other functions. 


Changes coming soon:

  • Roughly around late night on 31/03/2018 I will be adding changes to already existing jobs such as some rank corrections and other small changes and also adding new jobs to the code which will hopefully benefit the server and the regiment being added to.


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