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Imperial RP | PAC3 Rules (Updated 15/04/2018)

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PAC3 Rules Updated

1. Do not break Roleplay or the Immersion of other by the use of PAC.

2. Do not stretch body parts or limbs to an extreme extent.

3. Do not use PACs downloaded from the internet, this does not include Pastebins from other members of the community.

4. If you become inactive in the community then your PAC3 will be removed from your player and you will have to reapply again.

5. Everything you use in PAC must be made by yourself or other members of the community.

6. If you are told to remove an item or change your PAC by a staff member you must remove it immediately.

7. You must obey all community and server rules (Both in OOC and RP).

8. You are only to use PAC to improve the immersion and roleplay for yourself and other members of the community.

9. Be considerate of other members when creating your PACs. If your PAC is content heavy it may create FPS drop and lag for others.

10. Do not apply PACs to other players or entities.

11. Do not use PAC3 Camera to look around areas you can’t visually see.
12. Creating inappropriate content in PAC3 is not allowed. If you are found doing so then a punishment will follow on a case by case basis.

13. Your PAC3 may be downloaded by a superadmin at any time for any reason.

14. Using PAC3 items as a recording device (In Roleplay i.e. A doll with a camera) is allowed as long as it doesn’t cause personal gain (power play), affect other members role play, and you are not AFK at the time.

15. If you wish to have an alternate uniform in PAC3 different to your regiments original model then it must be approved by the management team.


If caught breaking these or any other community / server rules punishments can and will be handed out at the discretion of the IG management team (including but not limited to removal of your PAC privileges) and is not up for debate.


All rules may be subject to change at any time without warning.


Understand that PAC has been added to improve the RP on the server, using PAC3 in situations that don’t really benefit RP or are primarily for yourself may result in you being told to remove your PAC. PAC3 is a privilege to the user, not a right.

Any further questions please feel free to contact any member of the staff team and they will direct you in the right direction. If you are not sure about your PAC and want it to be checked before wearing it on the server then see the IG Management.


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