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Joshv Application EM

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Steam Name: Joshv676

Age: 17

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:58171104

In Game Name and Rank: Officer Cadet Joshv

Time Played (Server Time): 3 days 21 hours 

Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them): None

Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them): ASG, AXG, GAME REBLES, HATCHET GAMING

Why are you applying to be an event master: Because I have a passion in creating, intricate and well designed events. Wanting to see the server grown back to its full amount of players and to spread enjoyments or just good times for as long as I can. For the majority of those who know me, I'm sure this question can answer itself, I am a very Honest relentless person, if I do not see something fit or to standards. Also I wish to represent the community in the way and manner I already do, except with the proper authority and credit to go along with it. I am aiming to be the voice of the people and server and progress both the Community and server in any way I can.

What can you bring to the event master team: Experience and New thought ideas (Atmospheric environments to create a better experience)  - Example

0 -g Walks outside the ship for certain battalions. Implementation of weather - rain, sandstorm to give more immersion 

What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people: Having a multi level system, where everyone can be involved and also trying to implement new maps and, being a good Samaritan and go out of my way to invoke new ideas and understand the mindset of the community.I will apply all the values I currently have further into this role and make sure every idea is heard or listened too. Besides the point, I feel most people can approach me and ask me questions or have problems that if they can not, I can push forward or point them in the right direction.

Do you have basic knowledge of ulx commands: Yes very well

Anything else you would like to add: Experience in all areas of staffing

Please fill out both event ideas and provide much detail as possible
Event Idea 1:

The Imperialists have been trying to advance their technologies and weapons to better their fight against the Rebels for quite a while now. Fortunately, they have recently made a discovery on a possible bio weapon to use against their enemies. Commodore Yevhy has made contact with an imperial research base on the planet Kashyyyk and the head researcher there, Dr. Ceryss, is informing Commodore Yevhy of the matter. Dr. Ceryss has uncovered the possibility of infusing a bomb with a deadly virus by using strains from the planet’s wildlife. He recommends using it against the rebels, but he warns of a recent menace within his star system as there have been a number of reports of an unknown band of raiders who hold certain values and opinions against the Empire, which many should fear.

Timeline of Event:
Commodore Yevhy briefs everyone about a weapons pickup on the planet, Kashyyyk (Brief Rundown of Lore/Story)
Travel to Kashyyyk
Everyone makes their way to the centre of the research base where the officers begin discussing with Dr. Ceryss (Have NPCs who look like researchers and storm troopers already spawned in) (Play Aliens: Briefing until explosions)
Troopers are set up defensively and patrol the perimeter
Explosions go off, Raiders appear and begin flooding the area to attempt at stealing the bomb created by Dr. Ceryss (Play Crises 2 Main Theme)
Troopers fight off the bulk of the enemy force, but must also protect Dr. Ceryss in the process because he holds the confidential intelligence on how to access and use the bomb
Once some time has passed with the continuous fire fight, officers devise a plan to escort Dr. Ceryss and the bomb out of the research base and back to the ship to further his research.
Event can go two ways:
Dr. Ceryss is killed and the bomb must be detonated in order to keep the Empire’s enemies from using it (Failure)
Dr. Ceryss survives with the bomb and makes it back to the ship (Success)
In the final moments, Dr. Ceryss and the troopers hustle onto evac ships and blink out of there while still under fire
Once everyone is back on the ship, Dr. Ceryss will be in the debrief room with Commodore Yevhy and will break down how the bomb will be used against the republic for a future mission (event.) Optional: Troopers escort Dr. Ceryss to the med bay and let him research there.

Characters Needed:

Commodore Yevhy - Briefs and Debriefs, essentially stays on the ship while communicating with allied forces on the ground
Dr. Ceryss (? HP, based on population) - Debriefs and communicates with allied forces in the research base
Raider Leader Margos (? HP, based on population) - Leads the assault on the base with his raiders while using enemy comms to enrich the rp immersion
Raider Brutes x1-2 (? HP based on population) (Optional, depends on how many people are online) - The Heavies of the raider assault
Possible Future Event:
Rough Draft: Huge rebel base discovered, bomb is escorted to the heart of the base, timed detonation, fight rebels, etc.

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Josh here is the one who taught me how to be an Event master roughly 3 years ago. He is one to muck around from time to time, but when it comes to it,  he has created some of the best events I have ever come across have been under his name.

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-1 alright events but hardly any playtime on the server or within the community. I would recommend playing here for at least a month (IRL) and for 1 week (ingame) before applying for staff.

It also asks for two different events, but I can only see one on the application.

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+1, he went out of his way to ask for help and opinions on his app. From my conversations with him, I can see he is very dedicated and would be useful to the em team. 

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Application is pretty good, however, I have no bloody idea who you are. Due to the sole fact that I have no benchmarks to go off of (ie. maturity level) until I meet you in game and get to know you, Neutral. Best of luck, mate.

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On 09/04/2018 at 3:51 AM, Keta said:

+1, he went out of his way to ask for help and opinions on his app. From my conversations with him, I can see he is very dedicated and would be useful to the em team. 

Someone who goes out of their way to ask how he can improve his app means he is dedicated. Personally I have no negative experience with him


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