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Jimka's Pac 3 Tier 1 Application

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What is your In-game name: 07-2 (Jimka)

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:51974112

Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dontbealittlecuck/

Playtime: ~2 weeks (Playtime and rank got reset because of the server breaking)

Have you used PAC 3 before: Yes, I have been playing with it for a few weeks now in single player and know the basics. I want to get into more advanced things with the help of the IG community. Here are some examples...

1st Picture: Basic overview. Added new skirt, knife, doll, and shoulder ribbon.

2nd Picture: My character holding a hologram with Grand Admiral Thrawn on it.

3rd Picture: Better view of the hologram.

4th Picture: A picture of my "doll". It has a concealed camera inside of it used to take video or pictures that can be used as evidence or information. The antenna on top is used to transfer video logs with a wireless connection.

5th Picture: A close up of my knife.



Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I should be trusted with PAC because I do not minge around on the server and do not troll. I do not have any warns on the server and do not intend to get any in the future. I have been around on the server for a little while now and have climbed the ranks and met tons of amazing people on the server. During this time I shown that I am a serious role player with good intent.  On very rare occasions I do seem a tiny bit mad and can get annoyed rather easily (ask Navy or CS), but I always try to get passed these things and make sure I am not ruining other players fun or RP experience (it is a game after all).  

Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): I want PAC because I feel that it will impact the Role Playing aspect of the server positively. Some things on my current PAC creation that can contribute to a better RP experience of the server include the doll and knife. The doll can be used as a hidden camera that can record events that can be used as proof in investigations or court cases. I can also use it to copy down  some top-secret information if i'm trying to be sneaky. The knife can get my out of some tight situations if I don't have my firearms on me. Also, being around masterful PAC users that can give me a few tips can greatly increase my skills with PAC.

Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph):  I want to say I deserve PAC because of the reasons stated up above, it's basically based off of my commitment to the server and history on it without minging or trolling. I think everyone knows me as a trustworthy guy that tries to help out the community, I always try to explain the rules to people and make sure nobody makes the same mistake twice. Some others may think differently about my overall character so leave some feedback on how I can improve. I can't truly say I deserve something until I know people agree with me on it.

Note - Thank you all who took their time to read all of this, I really appreciate it!

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NEUTRAL You are a very good player and you have a detailed application but, your PAC3 creations are just to simple and have little detail to them, if you improve the current PAC3 you have and it looks better ( Kind of roleplay wise) I will immediately change my 'Neutral' to a '+1'


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+1, Tier 1 Pacs are meant for people who aren't the best at pac but have an interest in it and expanding their skills with it. Don't need to be Chef-Level at Tier 1 guys.

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*Notice* Your application is being continually monitored for your personal activity both in relation to game time and behaviour on the server as well input from the community on your application. We will also continue to monitor your skill development in PAC and the creations you make.

If your situation has changed and you no longer wish to apply for PAC please comment below.

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Grey = Neutral | Red = Bad | Green = Good


- Nice Guy

- Very Detailed Application

- Well Known

- You did tidy up your application (good boi)

- Very Nice Doll


If you want you can ask me for PAC3 Advice <3

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Overall a god at cliping bones and is a valuable member to the community 

I don't seem to think he will abuse pac 

Kind and Nice to all ranks, Which you dont see in all commanders


Overall a Kind man 

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-Very nice, AND ORIGINAL PAC ideas


-Friendly guy

-I trust that he WILL NOT abuse PAC

-Detailed and well written application


These PAC ideas are quite beautiful, and are implemented well into Jimka's character

I believe that Jimka DEFINITELY deserves PAC and that he will not abuse the privilege

Good luck


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