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1mperial Aw4rd5 =% M4rch RESULT5_3RR0R_3RRRR^&$#$%

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For fricks sake I am actually getting so bored and frustrated.

I just wanted some appreciable and humoured entertainment, but no you had to make some dumb April Fool's joke, you git.


Here's another ransom, you shiny scumbag. You give out the results and I won't permanently power down and collapse the entire Imperial data and electricity network, destroying all remote communication, all documents and the ability to survive aboard the floating tin can we call a Star Destroyer. I would say that I wouldn't kill the Storm Marines but that pretty much happened itself already. If you don't comply with this, you'll be losing a pretty valuable being with pretty valuable information.

You have 24 hours before I flag your video for false advertising and infringement of my basic rights.

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