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Joel's T-MOD Application


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I have become a SSGT on the server and become the 212ths support class.

My activeness on the server has also been down a lot recently due to the rediculous amount of homework I have received but when I finish I plan to be playing as much as I can.

Also thanks for the feedback everyone who comments and has commented

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6 hours ago, Keta said:

+1, though i dont remember if you have a mic or not, or you just dont use it that often.

I did have a mic and used it on rare occasions but it recently got broken when I dropped it thanks anyway though

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From what I can see your:

- Active

- Mature

- Capable

Good Luck in your application, Hope to see you as a moderator one day. 


Currently: Navy Cadet Snow


- Shadow Trooper LCPL Snow

- Shock Trooper Trainee LCPL Snow

- Chimaera Squad Staff Sergeant Snow

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