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Your Task: Create a good meme about anything in IG: Regiments People Events Task Anything!   Once it is made post it for all to Enjoy! Try to remain respec

If anyone has seen Jman recently...you know what i'm talking about...  

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<21:41:46> "ƿɿՈ૯ʆค८қ": How to disable the Empire 101:

1. Kill Palpatine by replacing his puffers with poison, causing him to choke to death when he can't breathe.
2. Kill Darth Vader by hiding all of his charging cables, causing his suit to run out of power which will result in his death.
3. Kill Tarkin by removing his brain via the hanzy zipper located on the back of his head.
4. Kill Thrawn by pointing out that he is an alien to everyone.


<21:38:44> "ƿɿՈ૯ʆค८қ": How to disable Tarkin 101:

1. Come up behind Tarkin and unzip his head
2. Remove brain
3. Congratulations, you have successfully disabled Tarkin


@Whitey @Cody @zaspan @Kendrick

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Grand Moth Tarkins new album 'Empire' is out now - it includes the all famous track, 'That's No Moon'.




Terms and Conditions apply - album is not available in any planets not controlled by the Galactic Empire.

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