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[IG] - The Best Of (Part 3) Finale

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So, of course, I'm no longer on the server anymore. But there's still a lot of hilarity to be shared with you all. And thus, behold! The grand finale of IG's best and proudest moments, The Best Of (Part 3), is here. No explanation is needed. Enjoy. ;) 


The previous two Parts below, if you haven't seen them.



It's been an honour to play my part in the aforementioned clips, being the secret ever-rolling camera to capture some of IG's "Best Bits". I'd go on and thank a lot of you, but I think the videos can speak for themselves.

Nonetheless, a big thanks to those of you for being who you are on the server, as you thus greatly helped to make these videos.

To the Staff and Development Team, for making all of this possible in the first place.

And lastly, to you: the viewer. For without you, then who would there be to watch these videos? (Especially because they're unlisted/off the grid for copyright reasons, so a more public audience isn't possible :'D)


I'll likely return with some spin-off videos, some special 'extended' clips and maybe a brief featurette. Until then, however, stay classy.


Much love,

- Greyback <3

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This brings back some memories

;-; I miss seeing pApa Greyback around thx for the top kek memes u brought

polar iz guud singear I taught him eveytung he kno :P

Miss all u boyos

I made speshal thanx with carnidaddy Im sppesshaaal

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