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Daxx’s Pac3 Application

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What is your In-game name: Daxx
Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:157400078 
Play time: 4 ish days
Have you used PAC Before: Yes. But I have not much experience with it that is why I am applying for it, so I can learn more and
become better with this resource.
Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I should be trusted with pac3 because this is a great platform to modify your skin, I do not intend to abuse the modification of my skin this nor will I. You can trust me with pac3 and I promise not to do anything that would break the rules, as I said before all I really want to do at this point is learn a bit more about it and use it to modify my skin.
Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): I want pac3 because it is a great platform for modifying and customising skins and I would like to know more and possibly even memebers of the IG community could help me improve my skills with pac3.
Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph):
There isn’t really anything that would justify me deserving this but rather it your choice if you think I deserve this or not.
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7 hours ago, Emerald said:


  • Minge
  • Terrible Application
  • Low Playtime
  • Not Trusted enough


I advise you look at the ACCEPTED applications and see what they did to get Accepted, Don't copy them though.


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  • Advisor

Denied - Please put more effort into your next application. Remember your application is a reflection of you as an individual and the trust we should put into  you with PAC.


You may apply again in 2 weeks.

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