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Gideon Hask (Kolto's) Tier 1 Application

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What is your In-game name: Gideon Hask/Kolto


Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:163886415


Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/pugsarecool89/


Play time: nearly 2 weeks


Have you used PAC Before: Yes I use pac generally when im playing in a single player server i know generally how to use pac and am quite decent at it I also will use my pac to enhance rp.

Why should you be trusted with PAC: Well i've been playing the server for nearly a year now. Whilst playing on the server i've never had a warn and i also have quite a bit of experience with pac 3 and i would never abuse this. I also know most if not all the server rules and do not plan on breaking any rules. This would include me not abusing the pac3 engine so i would never explode my head and walk around the server.


Why do you want PAC: As i also stated earlier i would use this to enhance rp by making an action for say when interrogating jedi as that what prophets do as well as making him do other actions rp related. This will lead to me and others having more enjoyable rp and more immersive some ideas i have are things like actions and possibly a comlink system.


Why do you deserve PAC: well i'm not sure i quite deserve it but i love the server and would never abuse this kind of ability again i would love to use this ability if granted to immerse more into rp.



20180401085514_1.thumb.jpg.07456600c8c28129a9bdb1a7e7d22233.jpgPAC head and armour20180401085532_1.thumb.jpg.8aa6c06aa43e6f3deda9130417c3f63f.jpgPAC armour20180401085612_1.thumb.jpg.cd64393ded6eddfdf26f3975e2413c7c.jpgPAC armour Comms20180401085634_1.thumb.jpg.2dacb24a4c0f70c0fcd03984862351b2.jpgPAC head and comms20180401085524_1.thumb.jpg.ebc534eb928a58e2beabd0a40cd009bc.jpg PAC With Head



20180401085502_1.thumb.jpg.0570223be23f317fba33f3af60141fba.jpgBefore PAC

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A unique idea having an interrogation PAC, however...

You mention that you've been playing on IG for almost a year, yet your play time says otherwise...


This suggests to me that you've been rather...inactive i'll put it as...

Another thing, as Twinkie mentioned, you claim to be Quite decent at PAC, yet provide no examples. Thus, we cannot judge your claimed skills.

I wish you luck, however, it's a


from me

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NEUTRAL You have been semi-active lately and when you're on you are never minging, being disrespectful or failing rp but, your PAC3 creations are quite simple and the application lacks detail

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Notice - We are unable to track your activity on the server if you keep changing your steam name. Please keep it the same for at least two weeks If you want this app to be monitored.

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Grey = Neutral | Red = Bad | Green = Good


- Nice Guy

- Good PAC Ideas

- Please copy and paste your text into this thread

- I dont know if you even still play on the server

- Inactive


If you want you can ask me for PAC3 Advice <3

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For me, A Neutral.

- Seen you for a while on the server

- Friendly

  I know you before when you're a Prophet, You're a great guy.


-Application Details need to improve

-More Examples of PAC creations.

If you consider adding more details in your application and put more examples of PAC creations I would consider it to a  +1.


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