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ISB Changes


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Hi everyone,

Some of you might have noticed earlier tonight that Jman has left the position of Krennic, and Welshy has left his position of Chief and 2IC of the ISB regiment. You may also be wondering, what does this mean for the future. Well, let's break it down:

  • Krennic: Jman has officially left the position of Krennic, meaning it is vacant. The tradition amongst ISB is that whoever is Bureau Chief (or higher) will receive the role. As a few people may have seen, I only got promoted to Bureau Chief tonight as they were leaving. This means that I will not be able to take up the role of Krennic anytime soon. Therefore, for at least the next few weeks, there won't be a Director Krennic. In this time, I will effectively be doubling as a "Krennic like" figure, as well as maintaining my role as Commander of ISB (the regiment)
  • 2IC:  With Welshy now moved on, the position of Second in Command of ISB (the regiment) has fallen to Senior Colonel Cross (Anix). 
  • What are they doing now?: Both Jman and Welshy have moved (technically speaking) to Lore Characters (I can't remember the names. I'm sure they'll @Jman1308 @Welshy would be happy to fill that in :kkona:)
Myself and Anix have known about this decision for some time now, and have been talking with Jman and Welshy to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible. Unfortunately, due to my lack of getting to Bureau Chief in time, it just means there won't physically be a Krennic for a while, however I will be filling the role that he plays in ISB and on the server as a whole. If anyone has any further questions or concerns feel free to get in touch with me and I'll be happy to answer them.
Bye for now,
Bureau Chief Lincoln 
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11 hours ago, Kendrick said:

hi i am vader and congrats


11 hours ago, [IG] Tackxo said:

hi  im an inquisitor and congrats


10 hours ago, Rocket said:

Hi I'm one of your  MEN and good luck :)


8 hours ago, Emerald said:

hi I'm one of your slaves


4 hours ago, Anthony said:

Hi am your uber, im outside.

Also rip gayman, but im sure you will do fine lincoln you are great too <3


40 minutes ago, Pavonis said:

Hi I am your amazing investigator. All the best 


Are these meant to be Google Assistant memes? If so, well played :4Head:

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  • Advisor

I am General Hurst Romodi who is Tarkin's Personal Aid / Millitary Adviser, Welshy is Major General Maximillian Veers who is an officer in the  Armored division and a developer of an improved AT-AT. Lore wise we are MHC but server wise we are different roles to MHC.

Hurst Romodi:


Maximillion Veers:




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