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Hornet's PAC3 Tier 2 Application


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Brigadier 5677 Hornet of the ST Corps



Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198040817628

Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:40275950



4 Weeks | 1 Day | 20 Hours




What have you created since receiving PAC? 

How have you improved the role-play of others?


I'm going to be answering these questions with the compilation of various images demonstrating what I've done to Hornet to make, to improve his character and role play potential.


I created the shoulder cape to demonstrate rank significance for my character, as i felt that an ST brigadier would be more well attired compared to the average ST.


Also, the pouch was created after a equipment inspection conducted by Navy and ISB. During this inspection, they took note of the thermal detonators i had on my belt, stating that it was dangerous to have exposed thermal detonators. I then took on their criticism from the inspection, and proceeded to make a dedicated pouch for the before mentioned thermal detonators, which can be seen poking out the top of the pouch.



This was designed to be Hornet's version of Batman's utility belt. Hornet is a bit of a tinkerer, and so i made a piece of equipment that i could make multi-functional, and useful for RP experiences. The purposes of the arm device can be seen later down this list.


The arm attachment that runs from the device to the helmet, also properly tracks my arm, so it doesn't do anything weird or strange, and gives the impression of a fully working  and flexible attachment, leading from wrist device, to the helmet



The rebels TV show had a rather interesting 'Computer/Data Spike' that was used multiple times throughout the series. The purpose of the device was that it was able to be plugged into a computer mainframe, and begin wirelessly sending files to an intended location. Whether it be on the person using it, or,  if the signal was strong enough, an off location base, such as an SD.



A view of the front, showing a better view of the shoulder plate, and one of the abilities of the wrist device.

The Shoulder pad was designed to act as a place for the shoulder cape to rest in, so it didn't look like it was sprouting out from just the shoulder of my body. It also RP wise, acts as a piece of armour protection for the neck region, which helps explain my rather large health increase when compared to other ST's.


The projection from the arm device is that of me using one of the binds I intended to help improve RP. It shows guards at checkpoints that i am physically presenting an ID, instead of just throwing some words in the chat. It also has the most vital pieces of information already on it, so guards don't have to scan through the chat to find the required pieces of information, and so that they can instead simply look straight ahead.



To help improve RP, i made this projection, which shows me looking at a readout of information. This can be used in scenarios where i may be cross referencing some information i just heard, or even things like saying "I'll document that" while pulling up this event.



This design was made to GREATLY help improve role play in events. Now, when it comes to hacking consoles or computers, or simply gathering information from an outpost, i don't  have to simply walk up to the computer and type "/me hacks". I can now demonstrate this action, and help improve the experience of those around me. This has also been paired with an idle animation to make me look across the screen, or whatever i am hacking, and also press the various buttons on my wrist device.



A simple little event i made. I set the event so when my health is < 30, it triggers various body groups to change to blood covered pieces of armour to demonstrate "OH DEAR LORD I'M DYING PLEASE SEND HELP". It also let's others around me have an excuse for saying "You're injured sir" Instead of just looking at my health bar.



A small demonstration of weapon adjusting, to show that i am also capable of adjusting (or in this case) completely changing weapons, to demonstrate modifications or tweaks.



Sometimes i felt that it was necessary to express my mood...So i made this...I personally believe it's very appropriate  for many situations...



What has been improved from the implementation of PAC3?



I feel like PAC3 has provided an opportunity for players to improve, and cement their character, and abilities on the server. It allows access to new ideas never before seen, and new potential possibilities for events, such as the rancor event so long ago. It has also inspired me to make some of my own PAC's in single player which i have enjoyed making thoroughly.

I believe that this is a great tool on the server, that rewards trusted and dedicated members of our community, with something special.




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This is one of, if not THE most impressive PAC implementations on a trooper, ever. It is undoubted fact that you need PAC3 Tier 2, now

Bravo, you have earned yourself a purple support.

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