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Proto’s Tier-1 PAC3 Applicatio

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Salutations soldiers and sirs, this document will be used for the purpose of presenting a reasonable case for why I should be given PAC3.

In-game name:

Proto Carl but Proto for short, and P73.

Steam ID:


Steam Profile Link:


Play Time:

1 week, 6 days.


PAC3 Experience:

I am adept in visual augmentation but not in animations or other things I am not sure of.

Why I should Be Trusted:

I have minged before and have disappointed my colleagues leading to my forced departure from IC and SC, but I am making a conscious effort to remember these mistakes, and use them to better myself. I do not minge anymore. I have also shown through my conscientiousness on the server that I can be counted on to make sure duties are being fulfilled.

Motives and Intentions:

I have been inclined to ask for PAC3 because I have seen the way it is used on the server as a tool for enhancing RP and see multiple ways in my own experience that I could use it to continue this responsibility. I would also like to reserve it for regiments that require physical augmentation to stick to canon, and to add rank indicators to my character if need be.

’Deserve It’ Factor:

Everything I have stated so far is my personal reasons for why I should be given the privilege of PAC3. Though I’m sure that by now, you have come up with your own reasons as to why or why I don’t deserve PAC3.

PAC3 Photographic Documentation



The Grim Reaper


Arnold Scarzenneger


Skeleton Baby In A Baby Luigi Cart


Proto Character Development


“These are a few of my favourite things...” - The Sound Of Music

P.S Follow protocol.





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Big +1

Proto, or Proto Carl, has always stood out to me. He is great at roleplaying, and his PACs so far are amazing! I'm just loving the heavy-like idea in the last picture, it just brings so much more RP to Death Troopers as a whole.


Good luck!

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