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Gatsby's PAC application I Tier 1

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What is your In-game name: Gatsby


Steam ID:  STEAM_1:1:109301508


Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198178868745/


Play time: 2010 Hours on Garry's Mod AND 4 Days 14 Hours  55 Mins


Have you used PAC Before: Yes , once in Dark Rp , but that was a long time ago


Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph):

I want to help the server grow in ways it wants to , I want new player to see this as a "Cool feature" and tell their friends to come on and play. I want to be a role model for all my troopers and help Shock and Riot gain popularity ( In a good way ). This server has been my home for a good month or 2 and I want to expand my responsibility , I 1st joined the Advertisement team to help out with projects and trailers for the server. Now I want to be a part of a Greater Role Play experience. I am very loyal to IG, I love the community and its members ( Or should a say Meme - bers ) I want to thank you all for making me feel happy and always to look up, Keeping my head up. All my higher ups once had PAC , I loved to work with them since they could RP stuff in ways I couldn't , That was a RUSH and the WILL to be a better person , Be a Rolemodel for my troopers came into my head. If I loved RPing with my higher-ups and Looked up to them coming on, What if I could do the same for the new Troopers in my regiment , all the troopers...   


Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph):

PAC is something I want to bring my RP to a next level and to Help grow me , Gatsby , as a story , My armor will tell stories , Tales never heard before. PAC will really help boost my PPD (Personal  Professional Development) . PAC will unlock a whole new way for me to RP certain matters. It will be the TIP of discipline that I try to stress onto many of my troopers. DISCIPLINE will be the CODE , it will be a WAY to continue the character " Gatsby " thru his days working with the Shock and Riot regiment. I want PAC for my troopers to look up to me and want to push themselves in ways they have not before , ways to keep their " Character " running thru the days in Shock , I want to be like my higher up ( Arkas , Shaw , Fox ) People may have different opinion on them , but I learn MANY things from them , I want to take all their good traits and push them into "Gatsby" so my troopers or whoever I work with can take the traits and push them for their " better morals in life and game , Doesn't matter their the same " ( Poem ) 

Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph):

PAC is something that wanted for a long time , I cant say what I deserve and what I don't , the members of the community decide. But for sake of the question , I Deserve PAC because I am not using it to look " BADASS " or " RECKLESS" I am using it to be a Rolemodel for my troopers and everyone else. I will use PAC in ways that will have a vibe of just one great word "DISCIPLINE" nothing more nothing less , It will be used responsibly in many events , whenever I can . I want to improve my person " Gatsby " story line , I dont want to run around the hallway of the ship waving my hands and yelling or " dabbing on the haters " . No none of that , Only thing my PAC will show is DISCIPLINE , The DISCIPLINE with the Imperial method. The Starwars method . To keep my head up looking high while the other do the same . I want to be a better Role model and Role Play in a new and extreme way. The Right Way ( In my mind )  


What I have worked on ( PAC ) ( WILL UPDATE MORE )








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I like your answers and especially your writing style, always love a bit of spice in an application when appropriately used. Additionally, I have not had any negative run-ins with you maybe apart from possibly some temperamental issues.

This is free to dispute however, I have had many temper-related run-ins with some Shock Troopers which is of course a consequence of their stressful job - I may be even confusing you for another trooper, my memory is not the greatest... It is not even that big an issue either. 

Your designs, albeit slightly generic, have a lot of potential and I can see you would know how to expand upon your current designs and create some more unique ones.

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