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Wilsons Event Master application

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Steam Name:






Steam ID:



In Game Name and Rank:

Wilson- Navy Leading Crewman


Time Played (Server Time):

7 weeks, 4 Days


Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them):

I have no current warns on the server however I have received a few warns throughout my time on Imperial Gaming but after talking with the person who warned me I have got them removed as most of them were unnecessary. However I also have had a 3 day ban. Regarding the ban it was the most stupid thing I have done on the server and my biggest regret to this date. I feel in recent weeks I have changed and I now know what I did was extremely wrong and immature as well as irresponsible. I agree I have minged in the past but I'm trying hard to improve my behavior and have stopped getting warns . If I were to get this position I would be sure to try my hardest to be a staff member that everyone respect and I understand that if I did any behavior that was unacceptable I would be removed from this position.


Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them):



Why are you applying to be an event master:

I really enjoy taking part in the events  just as a user and I believe that if I become an event master I will be able to have more fun creating events for other people to also enjoy as I have done , and add a bit of variety to the current events and I also feel because I am on early in the morning when there is under 20 people then I will be able to keep people from rdming in the mornings and give them something fun to do. RP related of course. I have had so much fun participating in the events during my time on imperial gaming and I would love to be a part of the team who makes people's time on the server so much more enjoyable.


What can you bring to the event master team:

I feel the same event masters are doing all the events and I have also heard that there is a lack of the event Masters at the moment.  I'm applying to not only change the Variety  of the events but also to give the current event Masters a break so they do not have to do a events everyday. I am also an extremely active member on the Imperial gaming server and feel that with my activity I will be able to do events regularly when other people may not have the time. If anyone asks me to fill in for them or something because they can't do an event when they said they could I would always be happy to step up to the challenge.


What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people:

I feel that the three events listed below have not been done before or at least not while I've been on and I hope that I can give everyone a chance to play as an event character who wants to and make events fun by implementing different event ideas . Also to make the events more enjoyable I will enforce the RP rule so  the event characters are not failing RP and are doing the event as they're supposed to.


Do you have basic knowledge of ulx commands:

Yes I am confident with bringing people , modeling people and setting hp as well as giving weapons or tools.


Anything else you would like to add:

I'm  sorry to any people who I have annoyed over the time I've been on Imperial gaming starwars RP and if you have any issues with me feel free to send me a message on Steam so we can work it out. Also if you have any suggestions on how I can improve these events or the application please feel free to leave a comment or if you have any criticism leave it down there as well.  thank you for reading my application. All i want is the opportunity to prove myself as a valued staff member in the imperial gaming team , I want to show how I can be responsible  with the power I would be given and not abuse any aspect of it . I believe if you give me the chance I will be able to show how I have  changed and how letting me become an event master would benefit the community and would be a decision you wouldn't regret.


The events are in the spoilers below.




Event Idea 1:

Event one- Health Check

On Ship

30+ players online - up to 10 event characters

-3 Doctors-500hp

-2 Cloaked spies-2000hp

-4 Imperial Medical Guards--2500hp

-1 Imperial Pilot-500hp


In this event there will be a group of 3 Imperial doctors who board the ship and inform everyone that there is a disease going around the Galaxy being contracted many troopers and causing them  to  die without a trace of anything , The three doctors will board the ship as usual in a drop ship with an imperial pilot they will then proceed to set up a clinic in main hangar one and talk to other higher ups about getting all troops to main hangar one for the health inspection and disease check.  while this is going on and everyone is at main hangar 1 and are not guarding posts  two other cloaked  individuals will try and sneak into either isb or military high Command and steal some type of information or weapon research and then leave the ship without being noticed. if it comes to  a gun battle then another drop ship full of Imperial medical guards will land and guard the doctors who will act like they had no part in it.  the doctors and Imperial medical guards would then help the  other event characters (probably mandalorians who would be cloaked)  off the ship.  To help distract the Troopers they would probably diagnose a few of them with the disease and tell them they need to be quarantined and guarded at all times to make sure that they don't do anything out of the ordinary.


-If one or more people are captured

The captured person will be sent to isb for interrogation where they  will be tortured until they give up the location of where the doctors and all other guards are located. The tortured trooper will finally give up the location where they are , on the planet of Naboo. The  Admiral will then tell all the Troopers to head to in MH1  as they are going to Naboo to search for the doctors and the guards.


-Map- rp_Naboo_city_v1

-3 Doctors-500hp

-2 Cloaked spies-2000hp

-4 Imperial Medical Guards--2500hp


The Troopers will be briefed on how the enemy are located somewhere in the city and their task is to find them. The troopers will be told not to take any prisoners but to kill all the Imperial medical guards,Spies or doctors (who will be hiding in a bunker) . The Empire will quickly overwhelm the rebellious doctors and they will all be killed . The admiral will congratulate the troops on their success and then all the Troopers will return to the landing zone and then return back to the star destroyer for a quick debrief.







Event Idea 2:

Event 2 - Faulty Old Imperial Droids

On ship

50+ players online - 8 event characters

-6 Old Imperial Attack Droids- 3000hp

-1 Imperial Pilot-500hp

-1 Droid Trader-2500hp


In this event a Droid trader will request to land and main hanger 2 saying that he has some old Imperial droids for sale they just need reprogramming to know who to attack. They will land in a drop ship and an imperial pilot will have flown them and will follow the Droid Trader. The trader will state that the droids are very good for guarding and or attacking ,  one of the military high command say that they will put the droids to good use. The Trader and the droids follow the general  or secretary up to military high command where the trader proceeded to tell the general who will have called an engineer how to reprogram these droids to listen to their commands the trader says in order to program them you need to type in the special password on the keypad in their command box on their back . The traded in states that he has been called back to his hometown to make another sale .The Droid trader give them the password and then proceeded to leave with the pilot after they have gone the engineer has a crack at reprogramming the droids. After entering the password in the keypad it then said “kill all on site initiated” The droids then become Rogue and Gun Down everyone on the ship who stands in their way.


-If the Droids get captured

The captured droid is sent to ISB where the ISB interrogated , they check its GPS and see it's last known location to Tatooine . The ISB Believes the Droid trader has a secret business down there and is attempting to  destroy the Imperials.  The Admiral says  the Troopers will be going down to tatooine  to search for the droid Trader and kill any other remaining droids.


-map - rp_mos_mesric_v2

-8 Old Imperial Attack Droids- 3000hp

-1 Droid Trader-2500hp


Once the Troopers land on Tatooine  the Troopers are sent to go and search for the Droid traitor and quickly find him and capture him. They  find 8 more droids and quickly kill them before they do too much damage to the troops.







Event Idea 3:

Event 3- Dark Jedi Conversion

Map rp_coruscant_underworld

60+ players online -11 Event characters

-10 Rebel Troopers - 2000hp

-1 Dark Jedi Master - 3000hp - blue or green saber with dark inner blade


In this event the Imperial naval fleet will have heard a call from the Imperial controlled city of coruscant that there is a Jedi roaming around and the citizens are worried. A naval admiral (played by me) Will decide to go check it out. After  arriving at coruscant the Troopers search the area and find nothing to suspicious except the Jedi roaming the town alone. After the Sith approach him he says he is willing to join the  dark side. He told them how he was an ex jedi but saw the jedi order coming to an end. He also said that he knew the location of  a few Jedi temples.  As soon as those words left his mouth a trooper yelled “rebel ambush” And 10 Rebels started attacking all the Troopers as they were caught off guard the Sith then started to attack the dark Jedi but he said “ no stop ,  they are here to kill me”  but the sith didn't believe him so to prove his worth he started defending the Troopers and reflecting many of the Rebels bullets , the Rebels were not there to attack the  Imperial Troopers but only to kill the dark Jedi because he was a traitor and he at the locations of Jedi temples. The Troopers , Sith  and the dark Jedi work together to destroy the rebel Squadron. - However if the dark Jedi dies in the process  then The Imperials will just leave without him.


-if the jedi escapes

-4 Rebel Soldiers - 2500hp

-2 Jedi Knights - 5000hp


A random ship will be requesting to land because they apparently have low fuel supplies .  I will be playing as an Admiral and will grant their landing .  The troopers then get off the dropship and say they're from a nearby planet and a traveling out to trade with the Super Star Destroyer , while the Engineers are refueling the ship  the Troopers from inside the dropship start killing everyone and two of them turn out to be Jedi while the other for turn out to be Rebel Troopers there to kill the dark Jedi because of his traitorous act towards the rebellion. The Troopers and Sith will either eliminate the rebels or they will successfully assassinate the dark Jedi before he gives away any locations of the rebel fleets or Jedi temples.



Thank you for reading my application!

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