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Imperial Gaming Csgo competitive matches (THIS SUNDAY)

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Csgo competitive matches

Hello everyone on the 25th of Febuary (Sunday) I’ll be hosting a few competitive matches Throughout the day for the community the matches which will be Either Live Streamed or Recorded and posted up onto youtube (Still Deciding) You will also be able to bring your own team to this event but it must be a full team Although In order for this project to succeed I need people willing to join in on the fun so please post your name in the comments and if you’re apart of a team include that in your comment as well :) anyhow have a good rest of your day adios




No Toxic Behaviour

Do not use in game voice communications (It will interrupt the recording)

Trolling / Toxic Behaviour will result in a ban on the csgo server and further punishment on the gmod server.

Keep it G-Rated when communicating to the other team

This is all for fun so make sure you enjoy yourself

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