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Common Donation Question

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If anymore common questions come up they will be added.
Thank you 
Management Team

How do I donate / make for a Custom Regiment?
Answer: Create a support ticket including the HP, Loadout, Model, Lore, Role etc (Note: it is most likely that your custom regiment will not be accepted due to overload of a lot of regiments on the server)


When does a commander spot open?
Answer: When someone has left a Donation commander spot, has been kicked out of the Commander position or you work your way up the ranks within a regiment (donation or not) and receive a substantially high rank upon the current commander leaves you will be placed as the new commander.


How Do I Change the loadout of my Regiment?
Answer: Create a support ticket including the current loadout as well as the loadout you are wanting to be added in also try and give a brief reason on why you would like the loadout changed.


Am I able to switch to different a role if its the same price?
Answer: Create a support ticket including the role you currently are and the role you are interested in changing to and explain why you wish to change.


I have donated for a role/towards the server but its not showing up?
Answer: Check the donation store page, wait a few minutes to see if your donation still doesn’t pop up with the amount you donated. If nothing appears create a support ticket (on the donation store) and someone will get back to you asap.


Can I / how do I Refund my payment?
Answer: Here at Imperial Gaming we offer a 24hr refund period within the 24hrs upon buying something within our community it may take a few days to process but your money will arrive asap.

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