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Mord/Tensile's Trial Moderator app


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Red highlight = important

Important beginning notes: I will be regularly updating this so keep checking back. Also a disclaimer: people may have problems with me and if you do, rather than starting an argument, just pm me or something. If i am needed for questions or inquiries pm me in TS. I also want to acknowledge my reg hopping and i know it's a problem, no need to grill me for it. I have tried to format this nicely enough that it is easy to read and understand, speaking of ease of understanding, please keep your feedback to actual feedback and not just random attacks on me or others, try remain professional with you critisism.

Steam Name: dommo

Steam ID:  ID64-76561198056714557 , ID-STEAM_1:1:48224414

In Game Name: Tensile 

Time Played (Server Time/Screenshot evidence):  3w,5d 

Have you had any warns (If so state them): I have had 0 warns.

Have you had any bans (If so state them): I have had 0 bans. 

Have you been staff on any other servers (If so state them):

Colossal gaming milrp admin (9-10 months, Will be referencing this a fair bit)

Colossal gaming milrp event master (1 month)

King deathrun moderator (2 months while it was up)

Playbox TTT moderator (2 months)

I understand it's not the most expansive but i try my best.

Why are you applying for TMOD: The main reason i am applying for this now and not previously is because i have seen that the server is going through some tough times right now, and i feel helpless as i can't do much as a user. I have been hanging around this community for a long time, i have been around for the great jedi purge, the split from CG, the promotion of many of the red tags from user > snr admin and because of all this, i feel attached and when we are under a metaphorical attack, i feel like it's on me to help the server. Now for actual reasons.

1. Involvement - Pretty much every other applicant brings this up but i feel like it's justified. I said it in my support team application where i want to be more involved with this community, it's staff team and even the playerbase, especially now. Playing on the server and being active on the forums has a certain extent at which you can be involved and i think I've reached my threshold for that, hence why i am trying to move up the staff ranks and help out as much as i can. I am often on the forums and i like doing this because it involves me even more than it usually would. 

2. Purpose - Being a secretary is a time consuming task to begin with, but when i am playing on the server and i am just generally walking around and doing rp and have no documents to add to or fix, i feel a little bit pointless, being a moderator i would be preoccupied with responding to tickets, editing the staff trello (hopefully) and doing the general staff tasks. I need a little bit more of a sense of purpose, i feel. Not that i am not busy already, i just feel like i definitely need to do more. 

3. Friends - I mention this a lot but some of my long time friends are part of the staff team, but as they are always in their respective channels i never get the chance to interact with them except for in game. I feel like this position could help me get closer to the people i have always wanted to and get a little bit more behind the scenes of running such a successful server.

4. I want to help - To put it simply, i want to take the strain off the higher members of the staff team and spread the impact of the recent and upcoming events that might be difficult to handle. I want to help by giving tools, solving disputes, doing general server staffing, moderating the forums and many other jobs that staff are entrusted with. Admins have more of a job than Tmods so i believe it's their job to take the more arbitrary tasks so the Admins can actually do more important things.

5. Fun - Although a moderators main purpose to improve the RP experience for others, having a sense of purpose and a quota to fill is fun/enjoyable for me anyway. Rping is fun and being a moderator can help me improve this for myself and others around, and it can help me be happier around the community generally.

What can you bring to the staff team:

I can bring a knowledgeable, level headed, active tmod to the staff team. Under no circumstance am i saying these qualities can't be brought by anyone else, but i feel i can bring them well.

1. Knowledge - Fiddling behind the scenes with ULX and using it in the game, i have come to be familiar with it and i have good general knowledge on how to manipulate such in order to make it do what i want. Knowledge of being a good staff member isn't always just commands and knowledge of how the game works, it is also know a lot about negotiating, coming to conclusions and, being efficient. I suppose i am trying to say that i know how being a moderator works in the aspect of commands, and communication and skills.

2. Communicative - I am a communicator, if i have a problem i can't handle or if i have a question, i will bring this up and voice what i am thinking. I like to believe that i can get points across to people even if there is a non-literal obstacle, i am a good writer and i think this is needed for being part of the staff team. Not only do i think that i can communicate, i can deconstruct and understand what is said to me as long as the motive is clear. English is my first language and i try to stay well spoken.

3. Supportive - Although i haven't made it into the support team, i am supportive member of the community, always trying to help out where i can and helping with problems people might have may they be an unfair death in a tryout or event or out of game where their sound isn't playing through certain speakers or something like that. (@Gusky Tech Support here) 

4. Flexibility  - I am a very flexible person (Not literally, i'm a 6 foot greek boy with a bit of a gut) but figuratively, i can adapt to many situations that i am placed in whether it be for my job in real life or whether it be for a game community. Adaptability is something needed for staffing because of the vastly different conditions that they are placed in. 

5. Forum activity - Although it might not be people's cup of tea to be looking at a bunch of words with a bunch of people arguing, perhaps if i was to become a moderator i might eventually be able to become a "forum moderator" of sorts so the red tags don't have to bother with simple tasks like post deletion and name changes. It seems a bit unrealistic but one day it may happen. I think staying up to date and seeing what's going on within the community is important and this can be done by keeping active on the forums and in teamspeak.

6. Clerical ability - It's not extremely important but most of my previous roles have included secretary or clerical roles. I know my way around excel and google sheets if it is ever needed for the staff team. I could even be the caretaker of the trellos of the spreadsheet or even help new commanders with their spreadsheets.

Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you?:

If nobody got their steam id, i would try my best to find it using recently played with tab on steam, their name, and their time of joining. If they haven't returned after a couple of days i would call it finished, but if they kept coming back and doing a similar thing i would take action upon their steam id in the form of warns and bans. Kicks are ineffectual because they are leaving regardless. If it was possible , i would catch them before they left, !bring them into a room and try and talk them out of it before banning or taking higher action. I feel like peaceful resolution is a better system, but is always more of a hassle.

Example: It's happened too many times. A little bit irrelevant but I remember in the earlier days on CG/Playbox moderators didn't actually have noclip, nor could we freeze people, or move quickly across the map unless we teleported. This was a big problem because when someone was rdming, it would actually be the riot troopers job to catch them with cuffs if there were no admins on, bad times. 

Someone is bullying another player. What do you do?:

I would get both of the accused and the accusee and everybody mentioned into a teamspeak channel, keep my cool and one at a time give a metaphorical talking stick to each person and explain what they know and what has happened. Before doing this i would remind all of them bullying is actually against the law especially cyber bullying and i don't know if it is in the server rules, but i don't take kindly to such. I would listen to every story individually and make sure that all of the stories match up and make a decision from there. Depending on if it was harsh insults and actually trying to bully someone or if it was just a misunderstood joke or something, i would make a judgement based on everything i had heard and either warn, ban or lecture them enough until they never did it again. I would make sure to find the person who had been bullied to warn specifically me (Me first, because i handled the situation to begin with)  if they ever were bullied again.

Example: I was going to include names in this because many of you have actually heard the two involved because they had played on IG in the past, but this scenario was on CG. One of the people released a photo of the other and as he was not happy with his appearence he came to me and asked it to be removed, so i did so and i thought that was the end of it. The person who posted the photo was a higher rank in game and always abused his power an example being he made the other guy go up to people and call himself fat etc etc. He was not a nice person. What i ended up doing was banning the bully for a couple of weeks and i promised to him that if he ever contacted the bullied guy again, i would personally perm ban him. There's no place for bullying. (Although i make some aggressive posts sometimes i make sure not to bully anybody :p)

You see a higher up staff abuse their powers. What do you do?:

This is unacceptable. If it is a general ooc meme i don't really care but if they are actually using powers to their own advantage (Promoting themselves, banning randomly, spawning OP weapons, using kill commands and generally unrepeatable ulx commands) i would instantly take it to a red tag, or if it is one of the red tags, i would take it directly to Wolf, or if i can't get a hold of him, the other red tags or general admins. Judging on the level of abuse i would hope that action would be taken against them as they have been trusted with these powers, and if someone was to abuse them it would be unacceptable. I wouldn't have much influence over such higher ranks as a trial mod so i would try my best to record the abuse and provide as much proof of it. I would remain level headed and keep my cool to keep the professional vibe about it, no insulting or attacking the abuser in question.

Example: In the past when i have staffed i have seen members of staff get so high up in the ranks that they feel invincible and they can do whatever they want no matter how it impacts anyone else. An example would be a staff member on CG when i was an admin, would go around changing his regiment without any confirmation, changing his names, killing people, rdming unarmed Taliban and various other rule breaking things. He was promptly demoted because of my proof, some may call me a snitch, but he was ruining the experience for others. 

Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do?: 

Naturally, i instantly assume it's just a person being in the heat of the moment and they don't actually have any knowledge on how illegal and difficult to do denial of service attacks are, but in the event where it's actually happening, i would take it to the highest staff member online and work with them to convince them out of it or make them a compromise. I would only reason with them because as long as they have the IP and the name of the hosting company, there's nothing we can actually do. I would bring them a deal and hear the opinion and see why they are threatening (Feeling unfairly treated, Unfair bans, kicked from regiments, badly treated) I would find this problem and do my best to fix it. 

Example: This happened when i was a milrp admin, and the threat issuer was just kicked from the regiment i was general of and he was angry about it, we tried to calm him down to no avail. See, he never actually ddosed us so my statement stands true in this case. It is definitely up for debate though, people are unpredictable.

Anything i want to add (A BIT IRRELEVANT): 

I wanted to add a message to anyone reading, we have been having some tough times recently, but we have recovered from worse. Just stick with it and try your best. Viva La IG. I know that i sometimes make strange aggressive comments on the forums but it's really nothing that offensive usually. People just get sort of cut over realism/the truth. Sometimes i can come off as rude and uninterested because of my tone and generally droning voice, but most of the time i'm not. 

As a finisher let me say that this community has brought me some really great times, and in an attempt to help it thrive and grow even more, i wish to have this opportunity. I'm surprised i actually convinced myself to finally do this. I am going to see this community through to the end. Till the fat lady sings. Good day reader and i hope to actually receive such an important role.


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11 minutes ago, Kumo said:


You are a good guy and all but there is a difference between having a good, well written application and just putting in useless things to make it look better/longer.

I mean you aren't wrong, as a friend could you pm me where you think i should un-useless it?

edit: kumo pmed me some helpful things and i'll be changing it

Also ty everyone else. xx

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  • Advisor

+1 Good young mature member of the community who puts in the effort to anything he does. His short time with Navy he put in a decent amount of time to create the backbone for change to the Navy booking system among other things. If he keeps developing and shows the dedication that he does he will make a great member of staff.

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2 hours ago, Whitey said:

+1 Good young mature member of the community who puts in the effort to anything he does. His short time with Navy he put in a decent amount of time to create the backbone for change to the Navy booking system among other things. If he keeps developing and shows the dedication that he does he will make a great member of staff.

Agreed +1

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You’ll  find it difficult as you said and you’re just applying because people resigned as you said. Don’t apply unless you feel ready for it not just because you are frustrated by the fact a few people left.

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38 minutes ago, Fancy said:


You’ll  find it difficult as you said and you’re just applying because people resigned as you said. Don’t apply unless you feel ready for it not just because you are frustrated by the fact a few people left.

Feelings change, that’s all i will say. I definently don’t want an argument started on here so i’ll just agree with you.

Ty to everyone else though XX 

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neutral - would have been a +1 but it seems to me that you have a attitude problem based on a comment you made/edited. 

"I want you to get mod, so we can see you fail and everyone who agrees with me will laugh in the irony that every time you were an asshole, it all came back to bite you here. Fear us, not fear you."


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