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Heyo Fellow Memes

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Yo Yo

Its your boy Mauler coming at ya with my first ever introduction post on ere. 

Currently if you do know me or do not know of me, you live under a rock on an island on a different planet. My name is Mauler. My IRL name is James. I will give you that much. I am 17 years old and a Moderator. Many people have called me sad for not reaching anything higher than Snr Mod but that is cos I am too  mingey and chill for the higher responsibilities of Admin. Apparently I am a meme but I dunno about that. I think I surpassed that title long ago.

On to another thing. I have had many of my greatest experiences in a gaming community on here and I love all of you for it no matter how much I may display otherwise. My unorthodox attitude towards the server has granted me many an enemy on the server including but not limited some of those on the management team and the rest of the staff team.


Lastly: I would like to formally apologise to two individuals for who I have displayed great hate toward. I am sorry guys. You do not deserve such hate and in a recent incident, I let that hate control me to making some undesirable actions. Of course, the people I am apologising to @Ridge and @Moose I hope you can forgive me.


Sincerely, Mauler.

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