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Ranger's PAC 3 | Tier 1 Application

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What is your In-game name:


Steam ID: 


Steam link: 


Play time: 1 Week 3 Days

 Have you used PAC Before:

Yes, I have made many PAC's creations in Single Player, such as Models, Animations, Weapon Holsters, Realistic Weapons, Typing; Sitting;Idle and Walking Animations. They all compliment my role as a SCAR Trooper, as we have lore roles in our regiment and repect each other's pacs.


Why should you be trusted with PAC:

I think I can be trusted with pac because, I have shown that I can be trusted with improtant role as I have been recently been entrusted with being an EM,  I have shown that I can be trusted and reliable when it comes to making Imperial Gaming a more fun and lively server. 


Why do you want PAC:

I want to add a lot of personality and a unqiue look to my in-game character, something to make my regiment and I to be proud of. I also want to be able to edit my Pac's on the go and be able to be on this server to add reputation to myself and make events, while creating my own personal pac's to make me stand out from the crowd and be a bigger part of this server. All-in-All I want PAC to build personality to my cahracter and add things that would normally be limited by the Limitations of the models and Garry's mod. Having access to PAC will be a big door opened up to me, to not only give individualism to my in-game character but to increase RP on Imperial Gaming.


Why do you deserve PAC: 

I have so many ideas and creations that I want to show to the rest of the server through PAC and events. being able to have PAC can make me increase my abbility to make and create nmew and exiciting things that the server can enjoy. I am online everyday (if i can). Imperial Gaming has quickly taken a part of my daily rountine and will always be a part of my life. I would be more than happy to help create pac's with my regiment and teach people the basic's of PAc while at the same time learning new and exciting things for me to use.


Some of my PAC's:

Respectively: Arms Crossed Idle, Cape, Charging (Zuke),Death Animations, Full body hologram projecter, Realistic Guns, Navy Idle Animation, Typing Hologram, Kneeling, Death Star Pet, Sitting model with typing animation

For SCAR: Early Version of Zuke, Early Version of Zuke (Mech Suit)

Arms Corssed Idle.jpg



Death Animation Dead.jpg

Full body hologram.jpg

Guns on Back.jpg

Hand Behind Idle.jpg




sitting Animation.jpg

sitting ipad.jpg

Zuke Made.jpg

Zuke Mech.jpg

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