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Staff Report Rules and Regulations

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Creating staff reports
Anyone is more than welcome to make a staff report and express their opinions. We request when making the report you do provide evidence of the situation (Videos, Screenshots ETC), if you have had any witnesses at the time please provide names. We ask if you can provide a date of when the situation happen (If there is more than one situation please try provide the dates). Try keep it simple and professional. If you have any other information that may help with your case you are more than welcome to add it however try and keep it within in the report. Staff reports can be lock/closed at any time during the case (Meaning that it has been dealt with or is being dealt with). If you fell that the report is needed to be hidden or locked contact a staff member (Management team/Red tags)

Responding to reports
Everyone is more than welcome to put there input in and have a say. However we request that you keep it simple and professional. If your comment is not necessary or has no effect/has nothing to do with the report than do not post at all. If you have evidence you are more than welcome to post it as evidence helps the situation. Same as staff apps you are more than welcome to +1 -1 if necessary. If you do not understand the full story and you do not play anymore we ask that you do not post as things tend to change during peoples absens or you have no clear understanding. If there was an issue in the past that was resolved do not post anything about that situation as it will not affect the outcome.

If you feel the rules and regulations are unfair please contact me or come find me on teamspeak. These have been created to stop small issue that have been brought up in the past. Please take into consideration that these rules and regulation can change at anytime.

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