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A new chapter for RST


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Greetings everyone.

Tackxo and I have recently working on ways to improve the Royal Stormtrooper Corps (RST) to try and start a new chapter for the regiment. We have both been working quite hard to try and revitalise the regiment in order to make it more appealing to new players who currently see it as 'The Royal Guards without lightsabers.'. Both of us have come up with a few ideas and plans on how we can do this, which include:

- Getting a new, updated, model for the RSTs.

- Getting a brand new custom firearm for the RSTs.

- Making a new database for the RSTs (found here).

These changes are all working towards a potentially large change for the Royal Stormtrooper Corps and how they will run overall. We are currently looking for feedback and ideas on what we can change/work on, so if you have any ideas/suggestions, please feel free to post them in a reply to this post.

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