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Time Flies....

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Well, this is a post I didn't think I would be writing so soon.

I won't blabber on for too long, but essentially I am leaving IG. 

Why? May you ask?

I have been offered another permission on {REDACTED} Gaming (Thought you could warn me for advertising XD), and my focus has merged from IG to that server. The owner is also an IRL friend of mine, so I couldn't say no.

So I just want to thank each and every one of you guys, for making this one of my favourite servers I have ever played on!!!

Special thanks to all the MHC staff/personnel for making my 3 weeks of total game time as a Nova Trooper an amazing one!

MHC Staff:







And all the rest!

I would like to  say thanks individually to these people:

@Imposing but just a cool guy overall

@Caboose For believing in me, and entrusting me with the commander of Nova for a short period of time  

@Chef For being that 'Go-to' secretary

@Stevo. For only threatening to beat up my Nan, and never following through

And of course

@Batman For being an amazing commander!

And how can I forget @wflizzi for the good old times

But that's not all!

You didn't think I was just gonna leave Nova without a legacy, did you?

I am currently working very closely with @cjhrjone54 making an epic NT Trailer, so stay tuned for my next post in the coming weeks!

Last but not least, I just want to comment on the motto of this server 'Welcome to your second home.' Well, that motto really has lived up to its potential, as this place really did become a second home :) 

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Glad to have known and helped you dude, good luck wherever you're going next.

Edited by Chef
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I remember coming back onto the server and you being a PVT ST. Then working along side you during my MHC days was really great and I never regretted anything during that time except when SM was introduced and you and @wflizzi were killing me and my troops for "tresspassing". We'll miss you buddy!

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Great guy all round, always found a way to make me smile in whatever position he was in weather it NT Commander, NT Corporal or not, gonna miss you Tatsu! 


My heart will go on...



Edited by Butcher232

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