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Hey everyone!

Just tonight I made this new players guide.  It is still in the early stages, so feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Photos are coming soon.


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50 minutes ago, Setsuna said:

Yeah it looks great nice work!! Just one thing.... You spelt 'beginners' wrong. 

I knew I Fucked something up... Thanks for pointing it out.

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Looks good but I still feel like the ranks (on the server) should be adjusted. They just don't correlate well imo.

Suggested Ranking System:

Army | Navy

Private | Junior Crewman

Lance Corporal | Crewman

Corporal | Able Crewman

Sergeant | Leading Crewman

Staff Sergeant | Chief

Master Sergeant | Master Chief

Officer Cadet | Officer Cadet

Warrant Officer | Midshipman

Second Lieutenant | Ensign

Lieutenant | Sub-Lieutenant

Captain | Lieutenant

Major | Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant Colonel | Commander

Colonel | Captain

High Colonel | Line Captain

Brigadier | Commodore

Major General | Rear Admiral

Lieutenant General | Vice Admiral

General | Admiral


High General | Fleet Admiral

Surface Marshal | High Admiral

Grand General | Grand Admiral

This should probably be a separate post.

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