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Kingdom Come: Deliverance GIVEAWAY!


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So uh... I kind of accidentally bought 2 copies of the new game Kingdom Come: Deliverance game which came out today, So I thought why not just giveaway the other copy to my favourite community. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is basically a Medieval RPG game that is a choose you're own adventure game the base price on steam is  59.99$ USD (kind of a big rip for me).

Now, What you've all been wondering "How do I win?!" well its pretty simple, Comment below with your in-game name, steam name, steam profile link and your in-game playtime once you've done all that you've been entered into the draw! And I'll announce the winner in the coming week and you'll be messaged on this post who has won, on steam and in-game if applicable. Temple is as followed:

In-Game Name:

Steam Name:

Steam Profile Link:

In-Game Playtime:

Pretty simple, I wish luck to everyone who enters!


Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/379430/Kingdom_Come_Deliverance/



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