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I'm going down to the Gold Coast from NZ for a holiday. I'm linking up with my boy @Edwards at wet and wild or some other place. Does anyone else live down by wet and wild that can meet with either me or Edwards. It'll be a great time.

(btw, we'll only be meeting up with people I'm friends or mutual friends with, no 45 year old men, excluding Edwards, of course.)

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3 minutes ago, Wilson06 said:

Demonic: Hey Edwards, let me buy you a drink.

Edwards: *drinks drink* 

Edwards: *wakes up in a basement in chains*

Demonic: so Edwards, how about that senior em?

Sounds about right.

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7 minutes ago, Happy said:

Demonic u should tots hmu 

I got free candy ;)

Also wet n wild is pretty average if your coming to the GC you gotta go on the Hyper coaster at movie world 

I'm going to movie world after wnw.


If you wanna meet-up. Message me fam 

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