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Pavonis' s Support Team Application

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Steam Name: Pavonis


Steam 64ID: STEAM_1:1:160084012


In game name and rank: Pavonis | Pilot Able Crewman


How old are you?: 15


Time Played: 1w 1d 59m


Do you have a microphone?: Yes


Why are you applying for this position?: I have been a support team member on a lot of servers before. One of them was the original Santos RP with 50,000 community members. I would love to use my experience and possibly help others. I have been on this server for a long time and now I want to give back. I am very active and love to help others. As i have stated I have developed a darkrp server before. So i am aware of some of the issues people might have while downloading the content or stuff like that. As i have been support team on SantosRP I have come across various problems people faced while playing on a Garry's mod server. I can use my experience to the fullest to help others have a good time in this community.


How will allowing you to be apart of our support team help us: I am very active during times when barely any staff is on. I have a lot of experience that can help me to help others. I am very friendly and love to make friends. I like work in an environment where we can work together as a team. I will always listen to my superiors and take their advice. I have known the community properly now and feel like it will help me do my job as support team better.


Have you been a Staff on previous servers if so please list them: Santos RP - Support Team | Defconnations - SlaveRP - Admin, CityRP - Admin. Have developed a darkrp server which got shut down.


Have you had any warnings, kicks or bans if so please list them: No



Do you understand that you will need to join the support channels and help people who are in them? Yes:


Do you understand you are a support team member NOT a staff member?: Yes


Anything else you would like to add: No



I accept that I am a representative of Imperial Gaming and that I have been given these powers to make the experience of others better. I understand that advertising my application can get it denied. I accept that I may be demoted at any time by a senior member of the support team without prior warning, as long as a valid reason is given. I have read all the rules and understand them completely, if not I will ask a higher staff member for a better explanation.



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Sorry pav. But I think that what with everything you're trying on ig; dev, mod, pac etc. That you won't have enough time to fulfill your potential in the support team what with the amount of stuff you'll have going on.


I'm going to say this in the nicest and least 'racist?' way possible. But I personally think that your accent is rather hard to perceive without paying extreme amounts of attention. And I think that may hinder you when someone might not understand what you are saying.


I don't wish any malicious intent towards yourself, this is just my 2 cents 



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