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The Conclusion of the Gerry Saga


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The final episode of the Gerry Saga is here (Episode I & Episode II below):


If you haven't already I'd suggest watching Episode I & Episode II first:




I'd like to give some shout-outs to the people who have helped in making the videos:

@Kellogs Helps a ridiculous amount both in the video and behind the scenes when we're making sets and making thumbnails, love ya

@AiRiiD Did a lot in the earlier videos

@Caboose Tells me to stop procrastinating and being lazy (and helps behind the scenes some times)

@LePaul Calling all our PAC ideas "disgusting"

@Shekelburg Playing various important characters in the videos

@Tuckerbox Helping make the final episode actually work

@Maffa146 Being a great sport about everything despite having no idea what was going on

@Deathaxx In the videos a lot

@Spin Cause I feel bad for him


@Everyone Thanks for all the support from you guys!




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