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Robinson's Introduction

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Hey, I haven't made one of these yet, so I thought might as well. Hi, I'm Robinson, you may know me as SCAR High Colonel Kreel (Robinson), also a Moderator on the server. Ive got about 6 weeks in game time, and enjoy the server. Thats all.

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the lack of information in this app is gross

you tend to minge a lot and you kinda smell bad.

If I could -1000 I would. But I’m not mean so, you’re lucky I guess.




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Welcome friend, my name is Benjamin and I can't wait to interact with you ingame, I have recently reformed from my toxicity/toxic ways and I can't wait to see you around and talk to you and get to know you on a more personal level and hopefully lay down a strong foundation for our future relationship as friends.


Jeremiah 29-11


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