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The Advertising Team Needs YOU!

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Hello everyone!


I'm pleased to announce a new project (headed by myself) that we will be working on.

And we're excited that we need YOUR HELP to produce it. 

We will be accepting extras and actors for the production phase. Please refer to the extra-rules attached to the advertising team section for how to be an extra.


Voice actors will also be needed, and we're starting to cast soon! So hurry up and private message me your Steam link and character you're signing up for.


We will need people to voice:


Director Krennic


Agent Kallus


ISB Agent


Those are the main characters we are looking for, however if you wish to lend your voice to a supporting role. Feel free to send it to me.


The script will remain a secret for now. We don't want to spoil anything ;)


Have a lovely day everyone.



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