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Ranger's Event Master Application

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Steam Name:





Steam ID:



In Game Name and Rank:



Time Played (Server Time):

1Week and 7 hours


Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them):

I have never had any warns or any bans. Except for 1, but it was a mistake through impersonation and we figured it out, and nothing major has happened since. So people have had trouble understanding this, What happened was, a pilot changed his name to Ranger and flew a dropship into de-brief. I was disconnected at the time and an Admin thought I flew in and disconnected. So I was banned for 24 hours for Mass RDM. However, we figured it out and caught the impersonator and stopped my ban. So I got into no trouble. Thanks again to the Admins for acting quickly :D


Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them):

I have not acquired any roles in Event Master, but have had leadership roles.


Why are you applying to be an event master:

I really enjoy taking part in the events as a user.  I believe that if I become an event master I will be able to have more fun creating events for other people to also enjoy,  to add a bit of variety to the current events and rework them to be more enjoyable and regimental friendly. I believe been active every single day I have started on Imperial Gaming and I am always one of the first 20 people on the servers in the mornings. With this activity I could draw more people in the mornings to hop and participate in short Passive/Aggressive Events. Not only do I think this would help Imperial Gaming for the better but, just makes life for everyone a bit more enjoyable. 

What can you bring to the event master team:

I feel like that with the lacklustre amount of Event Masters online, the same event masters tend to get stressed with there work and sometimes don’t want to even create the event (this is my opinion, I’m sorry If I offended you or if I’m wrong). I believe bringing in a new formula into the mix could really make new players stay on longer and can bring back old ones.  This is what I believe I can provide the Event Master team.

What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people:

As Lachlon has taught me, sometimes we are restricted by the Lore of events. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lore type events, but if we really want to create more variety when it comes to Events. Sometimes we need to bend the lore of Star Wars a bit. Such as creating new and exciting planets and Aliens. Such as a mountain map with Wookie’s, but used to the colder climit. (This idea will be elaborated on later in the post). Even with passive Rp. We can always go to a planet with bands to just chill and have fun mini-games with the community.  

Do you have basic knowledge of ulx commands:

I have basic knowledge of ULX commands. However, I am a fast learner and I have shown that I can handle myself and am capable of  learning on the spot. 

Anything else you would like to add:

Please leave any suggestions on what I can do to improve the events below. I am not a perfect person, but instead. I am willing to learn from my mistakes in what I have done in the past, and the mistakes I would do in the future.


Two different example events that you will do if you get accepted for the position of Event Master:

I feel like events need to include the special abilities in every regiment for people to feel like they are a part of something bigger. Hopefully these events could help with that, if not leave suggestions please. Open to anything. (sorry about the gun names)

1.       The Rebel alliance needs to secure Rishimoon for Base Purposes. So they decide to cause a distraction at the Sith Temple. The master Jedi and 2 Rebels 1 Heavy and 1 Sniper will cause a distraction at the Sith temple, threatening to steal a holocron. (Darth Vader will be off ship for this). Troopers are ordered immediately to go and secure the sith temple (without going inside), with Grand Moff Tarkin directing orders from his office. Meanwhile the Sith INQ, Prophets and Marauders go and flush out the Rebel “Scum”.

Act 2:

However, as I said this was a distraction… The Rebels snuck into the base through the vents as the raid on the Sith Temple is going on. Their demands are that you leave this base and everything that comes with it such as machinery, with The Rebels capturing the Grand Grand Moff Tarkin. Who was directing the Troopers from his office in C block. The Troopers are informed of this and ordered to stay outside as the Troopers gather and heal from the battle at the sith Temple. Special forces (SCAR, Rancor, 2 Medics and a Trooper) are ordered to go inside the base and locate the Grand Moff Tarkin. Their job is to point out the various positions of the Rebels around the complex, who are patrolling around. Snipers (Any regiment with Pulse Rifles. E.g: Talon Squad) will be positioned on the East Mountains surrounding the base (near the gravel pit). With their scopes locked on the targets. Once Special forces has identified all the targets and located the Grand Moff Tarkin. The Battle Begins… On Navy’s command the Snipers will open fire, the 442nd will lead the attack with their heavy arms and the Special Forces will execute the targets surrounding the Grand Moff Tarkin and Secure him. However his entire body is fractured in multiple places, he cant walk and can only mutter orders. He needs to be covered as the Medics and SR’s come to his aid and try to save his life. (this process will take at least 5 minutes). The Grand Moff Tarkin will be covered by troopers as he is recovering. Once the Grand Moff Tarkin has been healed and the Rebel “Scum” are eliminated, the event is over.


If Special Forces Fail:

However, if special forces fail in their task in eliminating the hostiles surrounding the Grand Moff Tarkin, the Rebels will say it publicy saying. If our demands aren’t met in 3 minutes! We are executing Grand Moff Tarkin! Troopers only have 3 mintues to go to Grand Moff Tarkin (since his position was found by Special Forces), and rescue him.


If the Troopers fail

If/When the troopers fail securing Grand Moff Tarkin in the specific amount of time. Navy will send a message to the Rebels saying that they will agree to their demands and leave Rishimoon and everything on it. Dropships and Landers will be spawned. Grand Moff Tarkin will be dropped off outside the gate (do not fire as this would but Grand moff Tarkin in danger). Then with permission, everyone will leave Rishi moon and go to the SD.

If this somehow happens, we can make a future event out of this.


-          Master Jedi- Hp 2500, Dual Lightsabre

-          Jedi- 2000 hp, will have 1 hilted lightsabre.

-          5x Rebels- 1500 Hp A2dc Gun with the SeC (shotgun pistol)

-          2x Heavy rebels-  1750 hp Rt-22 guns

-          2x Snipers- 1000 Pulse Rifles and A2dc guns

-          Special forces settings:

-          All must have Camouflage

-          Any Special forces online E,g, SCAR, Rancor and Shadow

-          Health will remain the same

-          2 Medics

-          1 Trooper of their choice

Event 2:

The Rebel’s have put a massive bounty on the Head of Silcical, a magical head who is special because of [REDACTED] (Explained later). This message was transmitted to bounty hunters, where the Magical head is being held on Mustafar.  Boba Fett, receives the Transmission. However, the Empire did intercept this message and have files on the Head of Silcical, she has the power to predict the “future”, well not the future. But alternate Futures. The Bounty on the Head is too much for Boba, so he quickly leaves the Station without permission, which leaves him to be hunted by the Empire. Boba’s job is to capture the head and get his prize from the rebels. The Empire can’t let this head fall in the Rebels hands otherwise, the rebels can predict any future attacks and render the Empire’s attacks Useless. With Vader's command troopers are dispatched to go and retrieve the head.

Act 2:

Boba Fett has bottom 2 body guards from his home planet. Madalorian_Bodyguard 1 and 2, who are very highly trained and armed to the teeth. Silcical is being held in a high tower, with the guardians and civilians that live on Mustafar with their Untrained Jedi who waits at the top. The Empire’s job is to secure the box, use your abilities to find and eliminate the enemies. Simply put, it’s Bounty Hunters, Vs Civilians Vs the Empire.

If we secure the box:

Good Job Troopers, Vader Takes the Box and takes it to his chambers.

Lore Reasons:

Darth Vader brings this box to his chamber where he sees [REDACTED]. In these visions he sees the Emperor restrain Vader because of his growing power. With another vision with Vader seeing him killing the Emperor with the Emperor’s powers growing weak. Vader does not want the Emperor to see this, so he kills the head inside and tells the emperor that the head had a spasm and died.

If Boba secures the box:

The Empire can’t let the box get into the Rebels hands, So Pilots are dispatched (or anyone that can fly if no pilots are online), some tie fighters and shoot down slave one with the 2 ships guarding it (Boba Fetts body guards). It's better that the Box is destroyed than put into the rebels hands.


Darth Vader:

Boba Fett:

Hp: 3000

Weapons: EE-33, Big Jet Boots and Small Rocket Launcher (for Vader)

Mandalorian Guards:

Hp: 2000

Weapons: Rt-22 (Machine Gun)

Small Jet Boots


Hp: 1500

Weapons: E-11

Untrained Jedi:


Weapons: Dual Hilted Sabre

Allowed no Force Powers At All


Some one with Pac 3 who can put their head in a simple box

Hp: 3000

Weapons: None

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17 hours ago, pinejack said:

NEUTRAL - Your application is alright and you seem like a good member of the community, but the events, although well planned, don’t have much flavour as they are pretty standard. 



17 hours ago, Ramirez said:

Neutral, I just don’t know who you are. The Application is Ok and all you seem like a decent enough guy. Get more well known and I would be sure to change this to a +1. Good Luck!

Just as both of these to said so NEUTRAL

Also you limited the special forces to rancor and scar that isnt really fair on shadow, storm commandos and the over specialist regiments

Edited by bosterflaming
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12 hours ago, pinejack said:

NEUTRAL - Your application is alright and you seem like a good member of the community, but the events, although well planned, don’t have much flavour as they are pretty standard. 


If you could get involved within the Community and maybe improve your events, I may +1.

Edited by Emerald
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6 hours ago, Ranger said:

-          Special forces settings:

-          All must have Camouflage

-          SCAR

-          RANCOR

Why only two regiments? There are multiple specialist regiments that can be utilised in the same scenario you have mentioned. Overall events are pretty bland, seem like events that will last only 5 minutes. Gonna have to give you a,


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7 hours ago, Spin said:

Why only two regiments? There are multiple specialist regiments that can be utilised in the same scenario you have mentioned. Overall events are pretty bland, seem like events that will last only 5 minutes. Gonna have to give you a,


Also never heard of you but hope too see you so it's gonna be a Neutral From me also @Ranger please elaborate about your warn 

Edited by Boris
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