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Turners Pac 3 application (Tear 1)

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You can legit link multiple people in one post @James @Kellogs @LePaul and then the same message is conveyed to all of them. You created a bunch of redundant post that just bumps the amount of posts on this thread...

Apart from that, grammar was not the main concern. It's the application itself. It has no depth. I'd suggest checking out accepted apps, analyse their app and formulate your app with your own personality from there. Why you want PAC doesn't answer the question, why you deserve PAC doesn't answer the question. 

I'm still at a -1

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11 hours ago, Turner696 said:

@addamcor I have fixed the spelling and I've edited the application 

I've just had a re-read of your application...I'm still not convinced...

Yes, you have fixed spelling, but there are still rather...large grammar errors. For example, the complete non-existence of full stops. All of your sentences are just huge blurbs that do not flow nicely


Now to deconstruct some of your points:

On 04/02/2018 at 1:56 PM, Turner696 said:

Have you used PAC Before:

yes, I have, in other servers, I have been using it to understand how it works, I've been using it for 3 days but I've stopped

This part makes no sense...

You say you've been using it on other servers in the past...but the immediately say afterwards that you've used it for 3 days...make up your mind!

You also provide NO evidence that you have actually MADE PAC's to support what you claim


On 04/02/2018 at 1:56 PM, Turner696 said:

Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph):

I want Pac because when I was a PVT in NT it was easy at the start but when the new rules came out it became hard so I had to wait weeks IRL to get to become an acting commander if I had a mic I would have had a chance of becoming the commander of NG so all the time I've been in NG I was trusted by the commanders and acting commanders .


You were asked "why do you WANT PAC" and you answer by recounting your experiences in NT and how it got difficult...This tells me nothing!


On 04/02/2018 at 1:56 PM, Turner696 said:

Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): 

I've been through a lot of gunfights, events, getting killed and all and my guy looks like he was just in the medbay to get a pack of ice after a gunfight, I've been wanting to get pac3 to make him look like he's been through a gunfight and came back alive a that is why I think I should get Pac3 .


Why are you explaining WHY you want PAC, when you should be explaining why you DESERVE PAC.

Even if this is your reason why you wanted PAC3, it's a bad reason AT BEST


Finally, I had a personal experience with you tonight after ISB handed you to my officers during ST training saying "Teach this 'Storm Trooper' what to do. He requires re-education"

After speaking with ISB, it was discovered that you were disobeying higher ups on the basis of "I didn't know better".

So...we decided to perform the simple task of asking you, "what happened"

I swear...i'd find it easier to tie a molten rod of steel in my mouth than actually get anything comprehensible out of you.

Every answer you gave us was either

A. Useless

B. Not related to the subject

C. Contradicting previous statements


You gave me and my officers several cases of mental trauma, and i remember quoting the experience like so:

"Imagine climbing a wall...except your hands are nails...and the wall is a blackboard..." ~ Brigadier 5677 Hornet


My answer is STILL a


Also, you claim you've fixed all the spelling mistakes, yet the post title is still misspelled 

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