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My brother 

My friend 

I'm sooo sorry these things had to happen, but I know that where ever you go it'll be for the best and I'm sorry I haven't been on to say goodbye.

Best of luck to the path your gonna take 

Bye bby 

Lov u

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1 hour ago, Ghost said:

I always thought warns were to be learnt from? I think what you’re doing is admirable but like, maybe a bit over-exgerated? Obviously a lot of people on this server like you, just wait the 3 days 

I’m pretty certain one of the colonel’s on our server has like 15 warns haha

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10 hours ago, Wolf said:

Just because you have warns does not mean you have to leave, the majority of the player base respects you, so I am a little bit confused on why you would leave just for those reasons. 

I agree with Wolf why leave cause of these warns Some people like Ramirez And alot of other people like Puppy have warns and has not left the server Come back Please - Jack

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On 03/02/2018 at 10:56 PM, Kix said:

Hey guys and girls,

I'll be leaving Imperial Gaming.

Recently I made a mistake, one that has resulted in a warn, a ban and a PK. (Not perma for those asking, 3 days)

I will not go into what happened, but I will say that in no way was anything intended maliciously, I do not and have not ever possessed ill will towards IG and it's playerbase.

This brings my total warns up to 7, something I am quite ashamed of. It has made me think, am I contributing positively to the community? I don't think I have been. The last thing I want to do is harm what was my second home. Sadly sometimes there are issues within a home and you feel forced out. 


Before I leave I'd like to thank a few people

@PlutonicCoast11 For letting me into medics and giving me the best time I've had in my 7 weeks of playtime on the server

@Little5avage For all his great work on the forums. You have shaped this community in a positive way.

@Caboose For the memes. Caboose is a legend

@Cody @Whitey Giving me the opportunity to become Pilot Commander

@Ramirez Being a good friend

@Yamtastik My favourite dude on the server

@Broker @cjhrjone54 and all the medics. You know why.

@Razzle Good lad

@Bossk Good Friend

@Happy Not swole

@Tuckerbox Supporting me.

Thank you everyone for 1500 hours of fun.

Love you Kix. You should know that despite the warns you have done lots of positive stuff for the server. Like the Commander Database for instance, that was extremeley useful and thoughtful. I will 100% miss you, if you ever feel like coming back, I will be there to give you a warm welcome :D 

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7 Warns is nothing to be ashamed of...

Warnings are merely lessons, in my opinion the more the better.

The best thing about warnings is that it's essentially trial and error.

You learn from these mistakes and return better than before.

Either way, no one can change your decision to leave the community, No one can ultimately change your thoughts.

I know for a fact on this Star Wars RP server you've made friends, gained a reputation and made great memories with the people.

Therefore people will miss you on this server.

So with that I say goodbye and good luck for the future.



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