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Resolved - Lock Post please

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So with my return to the server after the week of non-stop homework, I found a problem for myself when I logged onto the server, this is what happened.


Even with content fully installed I was still getting error messages for the following regiments.

  • Storm Trooper Corps
  • Military High Command General's
  • Incinerator Troopers
  • Storm Commandos
  • etc

I have tried to hard reset my computer and yet the problem still occurs, if anyone could help it would be much appreciated.


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If you have tried unsub/resub to content and it doesnt work, i had similar issue and ended up going into my steam directory and deleting garrys mod, as expected this removed everything (some 50 gig of addons that i had previously unsubscribed from). But i'd advise taking this as a last resort as you'll have to reinstall gmod+content

But its nice if you want to make a 'fresh start'

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I had this same problem but it was for engineer models where they randomly became errors, uninstalling or addons and reinstalling didnt work for me, neither did gmod in general, but after 3-4 days it fixed itself and I can see the models again. You might be having the same problem

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