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Recruit training Pac

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Hey all i just finished my original training PAC design but its rather basic but i feel like it still gets the point across really well heres some more inspiration for the idea PLEASE USE the idea im not going to be greedy like im the only one allowed making this @kix has already posted some great stuff check it out if you haven't yet his is alot more detailed im still learning so please pick me up if i did something wrong so i dont continue making mistakes :D https://pastebin.com/9KmF3ACN (<-- i hope this works)


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needed to put link in
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6 minutes ago, PigOrganSoup? said:

YAY it works ok so each group is hidden to start with so just unhide as u go :D


Are you able to make each formation/face/whatever into a command event so lets say,

9 = Wedge formation

8 = Box


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