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Ramirez's Event Master Application

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Steam Name:

[IG] Ramirez


15 Years Old

Steam ID:


In Game Name and Rank:

  • Shadow Trooper Colonel Ramirez
  • Juggernaut Commander Ramirez
  • Shadow Trooper Sergeant Ramirez
  • Navy Engineer Technician Ramirez
  • ISB Operative Ramirez
  • ISB Secretary Ramirez
  • Naval Guard [10] Gravel
  • Terror Trooper Private Gravel

Time Played (Server Time):

3 Weeks and 4 Days

Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them):

  • Fail RP 12/09/2017

This warn was when there was just over 25 people online and when Apollo (Same School OOC) was an ST I was like "Hey there ST" and then he pulled a gun out and I was like "Hey, you stop that!" Then me and and another ST trapped him in a corner, I had a taser out and then next thing I know about 6 people were aiming their guns at me when I turned around and they were like what are you doing. Then I was like "Uhhhhhhh" and killed myself then I was revived and killed myself again then re-spawned. Next thing I was given a warn from Kingsbury. I told him that like it was an OOC character situation between Apollo and I, and we were just messing around waiting for the server to fill up.

  • Breaking NLR 07/10/2017
  • Fail RP 07/10/2017

I saw Azmith cloaking around the ship and he was running and I saw the shape of a Prophet. Then about a minute later I see Azmith in the area and not assuming it was him I said "Were you cloaked earlier?" because I was looking around the area for Prophets. Then Azmith replies "You can't say it was me if I was cloaked". That told me it was him and I was asking him why he was cloaked and then he says "No-body else knows about this?" and I say "I'm pretty sure Zeus knows (Zeus was watching us speak originally) then he kills me. This is where I messed up I message Poseidon telling him what happened then next thing I know I'm in an admin sit. This was due to a lack of knowledge but after this event I went and found out where I went wrong and what I can and can't do for next time.

Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them):

I have never been an Event Master but gotta start somewhere

Why are you applying to be an event master:

I’m applying for EM because I think it would be an amazing experience to be creating fun, creative and engaging events for the whole IG community. I have a wild imagination and I’m great at just coming up with things on the spot. Also I know plenty of cases when I see people on the server hearing that it’s an off ship event and leaving then coming back later, one of the reasons I applied for EM is to make people be excited and look forward to off ship events. I have tons of ideas for events that are just waiting to come to life and I really want to share them with the members of this community.

What can you bring to the event master team:

I really hate when I see Regiments being left out in events (e.g just running somewhere dying then just running back to die again). If I became an EM one of my main focuses would be to make sure no-one is left out and that everyone is involved. I’m on early in the morning (when there is under 20 people) on the weekends and everyone is running around crazy killing each other, pressing lockdown button etc... There is never any staff on during this time, If I became EM I would create things for the server to do. Like training in the Hangars, PVP, possibly a mini event but unlikely, TIE fighter battles (Not too many TIEs because of server lag and crashing) etc...

What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people:

Again I want to include everyone, I don’t want to see anyone left out. Also I want to make events even better for the event characters. In previous events there has been about 2-5 people who actually do stuff in the event and about 6-10 people who all just follow them and shoot for example. I don’t want that, I don't want Event Character to feel like they are there just filling spots, I want them to feel I need them and that they’re essential to a smoothly ran event. Some of the best events I’ve seen in my time on this server are the events with comedy, the ones that make everyone laugh (e.g. Pablo’s Goat Event). If I became an EM those are the sorts of events I would try to do more often. Of course these would be done at lower server size times and I would be doing serious RP events because that's what this server is.

Do you have basic knowledge of ulx commands:

I'm not going to lie I don't have the best knowledge but I know how to model, give weapons, set hp, tp to and bring people.  But I'm a fast learner and eager learn so it shouldn't be a problem for me.

Anything else you would like to add:

I really appreciate what EM’s do to make other people’s time on the server a great experience. Becoming an EM I feel would be hard at times but I’m prepared for anything. The ideal event for me would be something that includes everyone, makes people laugh (isn’t too silly though) and use the event to develop players skills. I legit built my PC because I wanted to play Star Wars RP. Thanks for reading my Application and I hope you enjoy reading my event ideas. 

Please fill out both event ideas and provide as much detail as possible:


Event Idea One: Jawa's call for help

Off ship

For this event the event characters would be players from Regiments with barely anyone online so that they aren’t alone.  (If there isn’t enough I will fill the rest of the spots with STs).

I would need at least three players who are good at RP to do talking. This event involves a lot of props, if it’s too much I would be able to adjust it.


Event Characters: 

  • 9 Jawa’s (models/npc/hgn/swrp/swrp/jawa_01.mdl)
  • Rear Admiral (models/player/swbf_imperial_officer_colonelv2/swbf_imperial_officer_colonelv2.mdl)

Other EM/Staff roles:

  • Spawning all the necessary ships during debrief 
  • Four needed (including myself) to create the activities
  • During final debrief to  promote STs


Part One-Request for Help:

Myself as an EM will be set to a Rear Admiral for this event to command an instruct troops. I will announce over Voice comms “A ship of Jawa’s has requested to land on the SD and is wanting Troopers to be waiting for them to protect them as we all know they value safety, All pilots will be flying out in TIE fighters to escort the Jawas onto the SD (pilots will leave from the TIE bays and fly to the area at the back of the SD, where the Jawa’s will be waiting),in the mean time I want all 212th and 442nd Troopers waiting in MH1 for their arrival” (it sounds weird but it is meant to be funny and these Regiments haven't had much of a role in previous events). I will be no clipped waiting for all Troopers to arrive in MH1. I will speak to each of the acting commanders prior to this so they can organise their troops. Once everyone is ready I will signal for the Jawa's to enter the ship along with the pilots flying in formation the best they can around the Jawa’s ship. The Jawa’s will land and request they speak to someone very important. This important person will be (depending on whose online at the time). The Jawa’s will be escorted to this person (212th and 442nd will wait outside of the area where ever the important person is) were they will explain that they have a number of issues on Tatooine that they can’t fix themselves. This person will then accept their offer in exchange for Kydra Crystals. We then accept their offer.



Part Two-Debrief:

Everyone is called to debrief and the Jawa’s are escorted to Debrief and will stand at the front of all of the regimental lines. Once everyone has arrived I as a Rear Admiral will say “A recent arrival of the Jawa’s on the SD, has led us to take up an offer to help them in return for Kydra Crystals, we will be departing from the SD shorty heading to their home plant of Tatooine were we will fix problems on their planet. You may all make your way to MH1 now apart from two pilots (depending on how many are on) who will head to TIE bays. While Debrief was taking place another EM/Staff would be spawning in a Lambda, Krennic’s Shuttle (if he is online), necessary amount of dropships in MH1. In MH2 there will be the Jawa’s ship. Two TIE’s maximum will be spawned in TIE bays. Left over pilots can fly dropships in MH1, this will all be organised with them prior. First the Lambda will leave, followed by Krennic’s shuttle, then the Jawa’s along with the two TIE’s and then finally all the dropships. Then we change to the Tatoonie Map (rp_tatoonie_dunesea_v1)


Part Three-Setting up event:

First there will be spawn blocks set up and a TV. The Jawa’s will need help with 3 problems. These will consist of Killing, Building, Transporting (I could do more but it would be too many props). Then myself along with other EM/Staff will set up 


Part Four-Helping the Jawa’s:


The story behind why the Jawa’s need killing done is because they have a infested farm and the bug creatures need to be killed (Make a fenced off square to be the farm and fill it with NPC’s and continue to add to it as they are killed off). Used to increase target practise (NPC’s will be Head crabs (npc_headcrab)) and not shooting other people. 



The Jawa’s have been using scrap for years to build various items but somethings just can’t be done with scrap, so the engineers get to build things for the Jawa’s these will include a Catapult, various furniture items such as a couch, bed, chairs etc..., communication device, power source (if the engineers do them to quickly I will come up with more on the spot). It could even be turned into a little game between them to see who can make the best one in a time limit. All these items are to test the engineers level of creativity. 



The Jawa’s need some barrels moved into a sand crawler. A series of barrels will be placed at the bottom of slope, with the sand crawler at the top. Because of the maps hilly landscape it will be difficult rolling a barrel on your own so this will test team work and problem solving skills. Simple but effective I feel.



There will be some climb swep, grapple, crouch jump courses setup as well. Just in case anyone gets bored of the activities or the activities become too cluttered.

I will allow for everyone to go to where ever they like but if too many people go to the one thing I will assign each Regiments to an activity then they’ll switch after about 10 minutes or so.


Part Five-Debrief and leaving Tatooine 

Once it looks as if everyone has gotten bored or is slowing down at the activities we will head back to spawn. Once everyone is back myself the Rear Admiral will say “We have now finished and solved all the problems of the Jawa’s, Good Job to all Troopers but the Top 3 placing Regiments are (will be decided at event). Now if any Commanders+ saw ST performing well and feel they deserve a promotion please PM their names now. (Read out names and congratulate and get another EM/Staff to promote them). Everyone salute to the ST’s. You all can now board the dropships behind you” Another EM/Staff would have spawned them in while debrief was happening. Pilots will pilot the ships and ships will be boarded, then they all take off and the map is changed. 



Event Idea Two: KX Droid Arrival 

On Ship

 I decided to make this event simple to run but also be engaging and fun, if I became an EM this would be the first event I do. I have been speaking to current EMs and they said to make first events a simple one so it doesn't get out of hand.

This event is about a new shipment of KX Security droids being sent to our SD to improve the overall security. There will be 5 different locations on the SD two droids will become part of the security at each (Bridge, ISB, Engine Room, MHC and Sith Temple). But these droids are faulty, I will get them to act weird after about 10 mins or so. 


Event Characters:

  • 10  KX Security droids set to 1000 HP and equipped with DLT-19s and cuffs (models/player/valley/k2so.mdl)
  • Myself set to Rear Admiral (models/player/swbf_imperial_officer_colonelv2/swbf_imperial_officer_colonelv2.mdl)
  • Two players set to 'Recall Team' equipped with Leashes  (models/galactic/trooper1/trooper1.mdl)

 Other EM/Staff roles:

  • None needed

Part One: Entering the ship

Myself as Rear Admiral will announce over Voice comms "A new shipment of KX Security droids will be arriving on the SD shortly, I want a representative from MHC, ISB, Navy, Engineers and Sith Temple to MH1". I will wait for all the representatives to arrive then signal for a dropship to arrive with all 10 of the security droids. Each of the droids will be named 'KX Security Droid (assigned location)'. The two droids will head off with each of the representatives to their locations. 


Part Two: Passive RP

Now the droids basically just guard and patrol. They follow orders from their assigned places. It is unpredictable what the droids are doing, I will just instruct them to do passive RP. This part is kind of out of my control. This will continue for 15 minutes or if the server is enjoying it and getting good RP out of their presence, I will leave them for longer.


Part Three: KX's start to fault

Now in the event I will instruct the KX Droids to act dumb, respond to orders slowly, say weird things, move around oddly. So once this has been going on for quite a while and people have been reporting of their behaviour. I will announce over Voice comms "It appears that the new shipment of KX Security Droids is faulty, I have notified the supplier of the KX Security Droids and they are sending a recall team to the SD now". Now the droids will continue to be faulty for 10 minutes or of course if the server is enjoying it longer, then I will get the 'Recall Team' to arrive.


Part Four: Recall Team

The team of two will arrive in a dropship and will go round to each of the droids putting them on leashes. But during this time I will TP one of the droids (depending on situation each one is in) on top of the SD. Then the Recall team will head back to their dropship, they'll perform a count and only count 9 droids. Then myself as Rear Admiral will announce over Voice comms "One of the KX Security Droids is missing, we need it now and in working condition, everyone search for it". Then the entire ship will be running around frantically looking for it. 


Part Five: The Search

As the whole ship is searching for this Droid ISB will question members of the place where the missing droid came from (e.g. If a Sith Temple droid went missing they would question people who would be part of the Sith Temple) the ISB would be doing a series of questioning while everyone is looking for the droid. While they are looking I will be announcing over Voice comms things like "This Recall Team doesnt have all day Hurry up!" "Where is that droid troopers?"  Then I will TP the droid into the classroom and tell the player to just start teaching no-one about formations. Eventually they'll be found and taken to MH1 but everyone will be wondering how they didn't find them. Then the Recall Team will load the dropship and fly off the SD. 

During the time of the 2 week wait to re-apply I thought for this event, I could say over voice comms requesting the droid to come to MH1. The droid could then say in chat comms turning off life support systems or setting ship to self destruct. This would completely change the outcome of the event. It would definetly create a change of attitude and tasks for most players as I would be ordering to find the droid. 

Event Idea Three: Rishi Moon Invasion

On Moon.....

In my previous Applications I had a Super Battle Droid Event. I have removed that from this one and am re-writing and tweaking slightly so it can work for Rishi Moon. Aswell as you can now model players to Battle Droids so this event won't be as reliant on NPCs.

Event Characters:

  • Depending on server size 8-12 players name BattleDroid_[number] with 1200 hp and WESTARs (models links when on PC next)
  • Myself set to Rear Admiral (models/player/swbf_imperial_officer_colonelv2/swbf_imperial_officer_colonelv2.mdl)

Part One: Infiltration 

I will begin by saying over voice comms "Our Scanners have picked up unknown movement in the badlands, I want all Troopers guarding the perimeters". Once majority of the troops have began guarding on the walls I will begin the fight. I will spawn in NPC BattleDroids in the Badlands near the Landing Pads I will be no clipped fly parallel to the wall and spawn in plenty, Then I will turn around and have all of my binds ready to tp each player droid. As I'm flying through the NPCs I will be spawning in the Event Characters as evenly spaced as I can. This will create an army of Droids pushing towards the base. 

Part Two: Extraction 

Once the droids push into the base they will begin to push towards ISB HQ, I would make this MHC but an elevator in the middle of a battle can really ruin it.The droids will push into ISB HQ best they can then they will pretty much just hold the area down the best they can. I will be re spawning the droids and continue to spawn NPCs among the battle. During this time I ill be ordering the army of troopers in voice comms saying things like "We need to stop these droids now!", "They have breached ISB get rid of them!".  The droids will be saying things in enemy comms like "Extraction at 10-100%", "We have almost taken ISBs precious files leader....". 

Part Three: Hostage

Now I will speak to a higher up prior to the event and tell them they will be a hostage for this event. It will most likely be an ISB member as the Droids will be there already. So the droids will capture the hostage I will notify the troopers in voice comms saying "They have captured..... hold your fire, Could an ISB negotiator try and speak with the droids". Once ISB arrive they will speak to the droids. I will instruct the droids to say this only "Leader wants Kydra Crystals".  Whatever ISB say to them if it involves negotiating about the higher up or their files the droid will only say "Leader want Kydra Crystals".

Part Four: Trade

I will spawn in props that will represent the Crystals which will be put on pre-made carts and then pulled to the Droids. The Droids will have the higher up in front of them and we will have the Crystals in front of us. This will take place at the front gate of the base  the exchange will take place and  then the Droids will walk off into the Badlands. I will spawn in a ship for the Droids to hop in then they'll fly over the base for a effect and to show they have flown away. Then one of them will say in enemy comms "En-route to base Leader, Engaging HyperDrive".

Part Five: Debrief:

I will call for all troopers to Debrief once everyone has arrived I will commence. I will say "Good Job Troopers, We may have lost a few Kydra Crystals but we planted a tracking device on one of the Crystals so we will be tracking them down and taking back our Crystals and seeking some revenge, Now for regimental placings ............ Now if any Commanders+ saw any STs performing outstandingly today PM me their names now and they shall receive a promotion to their next rank" I will call up the STs and congratulate them on receiving their next rank. "Everyone salute to the STs and you are dismissed".

I Ramirez, accept that I am a representative of Imperial Gaming, and that I have been given these powers to make the experience of others better. I understand that advertising my application can get it denied. I accept that I may be demoted at any time by a senior member of staff without prior warning, as long as a valid reason is given. I have read all the rules and understand them completely, if not I will ask a higher staff member for a better explanation.

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