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Seven - Ban Appeal - 30/01/2018

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Steam Name: Nicho


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:86931736


In game name and rank: Recruit Jane


How long was the ban: Perm


Staff who banned you: Frank


When was the ban: 30/01/18 Around 6:00 AEST


Reason for ban: Says "No reason" but I think it was for minging 


Explain the situation: First I would like to admit something..... Yes I was minging around and not going full serious. I was doing dumb shit and just trying to have fun. BUT I believe everything that I did was not worth a perma ban. Me kumo and ben were never warned / talked to, I just dont think that we should get such a harsh punishment out of no where without a single warning.

Why you deserve to be unbanned: I am a very long time member and have nearly 10 Weeks on the server, Ive been around this community for about 1 year and I dont think about 10 minutes of minging diserves a perma

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