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Steam Name:

 Spicey Boi With A Glock

Steam ID: 


In game name and rank:

Recruit Bobby Shmurda

How long was the ban:


Staff who banned you:


When was the ban:

1/30/2018 7:51 pm

Reason for ban:

Minging/No Intent to RP

Explain the situation:

So, I was minging around with Seven and Kumo on the server, running around and doing dumb things, however, one of us said "Deathstar" which then resulted in Kumo, Seven and myself being demoted to recruits. Whilst we were in the middle of getting trained we were all permanently banned by Frank. Also before this ban was issued we were not warned once to stop and fix our behavior. We weren't even brought into an admin sit.

Why you deserve to be unbanned:

I don't believe I should be permanently banned however, I do believe that my ban should be shortened from permanent because I have been around on the server for a long time and have never received a ban or a kick before. Also, I don't believe minging around warrants a permanent ban without being spoken too or told to stop minging.

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